Hotelier Maldives Awards

Hotelier Maldives Awards: Celebrating Unsung Heroes

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Hotelier Maldives Awards

The first of its kind in the Maldives, Hotelier Maldives Awards aims to acknowledge and reward the unsung heroes that expend so much of their time, effort and dedication to make the hotels function as efficiently as possible. The first award recognizes a diverse range of front and back of house roles, from laundry managers to chefs, marketing experts to concierges and spa professionals to engineers.

The ceremony will be a celebration of the most deserving of hoteliers and an acknowledgement of their dedication, giving these hardworking individuals their chance to shine and bask in the glory bestowed upon them by their peers and superiors.

Hotelier Maldives Awards

Why Enter

Awards offer you an excellent opportunity to boost both employee morale and client confidence in your products and/or services as well as celebrating your success among your peers. It gives your properties exposure from a more personal perspective and enables the market to grasp an idea of the level of commitment it takes to maintain the standards of their holiday destinations.

Why Attend

The awards ceremony is the perfect opportunity for the industry to gather in one place to celebrate the success of their peers. By attending the ceremony you can network with industry champions, meet new clients and/or business partners in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, boost employee morale by celebrating and rewarding your team, boost your visibility in the industry by being seen at the biggest event in the industry calendar and congratulating the winners and discover how their own properties can be developed.

Award Categories

Wellness Personality of the Year

This award recognises the renewed focus on wellness in the hotel industry, which includes health, fitness, spa and lifestyle initiatives. The award is open to hotel leisure directors, recreation managers, spa managers and health club managers, whose roles include overseeing all elements of wellness. It is also open to fitness instructors and spa therapists delivering superior service and results-driven programs and treatments to their guests.

Concierge/Guest Services Personality of the Year

The category welcomes nominations from a variety of front office roles, such as guest relations, guest services, reservations, and front office staff, in addition to concierges. Candidates must have a ‘can do’ attitude and be able to address every customer need. Service with a smile is paramount and hotel and local knowledge is essential. Candidates should be able to demonstrate outstanding customer service, and the ability to resolve guest challenges throughout their stays. Those staff members that have a real aptitude for upselling and promoting hotel services will gain extra recognition from the judges, and those who go above and beyond the call of duty to fulfil guest requests will be given extra merit.

Housekeeper of the Year

Attention to detail is paramount for a successful Housekeeper, ensuring rooms are always ready for arrival and maintained to the standards customers expect. The Housekeeper of the Year runs a tight ship, but is respected by team members for their ability to be an organised perfectionist. Those that have helped to implement new initiatives, as well as housekeepers who have streamlined processes, or succeeded in finding new ways to help motivate their peers in the department, will gain extra credit.

IT Personality of the Year

Responsible for Information Technology issues, products and services, the IT Person of the Year will excel in every aspect of their role, implementing network enhancements to keep their property ahead of the game, while juggling a range of day-to-day tasks such as inventories, licences and maintenance agreement. As well as being an absolute expert in their field, the IT Person of the Year must be an excellent communicator, able to identify and implement solutions to user challenges and concerns associated with personal computer equipment and they must be able to efficiently deliver all kinds of hardware and software support. Examples of innovations and cost saving strategies are essential for nominations in this category.

Engineer of the Year

Carpenters, electricians, plumbers and grounds staff ensure hotel operations run smoothly. They might be behind the scenes, but without them, the hotel’s services would come to a grinding halt. The Hotel Engineer of the Year is a reliable colleague who is dedicated to maintaining hotel standards. The nomination must include evidence of the engineer’s role in energy saving and environmental awareness, and their ability to implement cost-saving initiatives.

Landscaper of the Year

The Star Landscaper of the Year is an individual who designs, instals and maintains gardens and landscape areas. The nominated would be those who ensure that the aesthetic appearance of the hotel is preserved and maintained at a certain standard at all times of the year, depending on weather conditions and the change of the seasons.

Security Officer of the Year

The Star Security Officer of the Year is an individual who goes above and beyond to ensure the safety and security of all guests, team members, contractors and visitors while at the hotel. The nomination will demonstrate how, to the highest standards, they maintain constant vigilance of hotel operations and premises, and how they ensure documents and key systems adhere to legal and company requirements. They must also be able to recognize weaknesses in a hotel’s processes and recommend improvements to security systems. Evidence of how the candidate has quickly and thoroughly reviewed any incidents with the intention of preventing re-occurrences, as well any new initiatives they have introduced will be considered by the judges. Security personnel who are excellent team players, both within the security department and across the hotel, will gain extra recognition too.

HR & Training Personality of the Year

The HR professional delivers an outstanding staff experience through managing employee relations issues, and supporting managers to ensure their teams’ success. They ensure a timely, efficient recruitment and selection process, while controlling costs and meeting or exceeding hotel and departmental financial targets. Distinction will be merited to those candidates that have an aptitude for bringing on board local employees, ensuring that their employers meet and exceed workforce localization quotas and targets. Those that go above and beyond to promote the hotel industry by working with schools or organisations will also stand out to judges, particularly if this involves promoting the sector as a career choice for local people. From a training perspective, we are after a candidate who has expertly identified training needs and developed cost-effective training initiatives to achieve the hotel’s goals, while ensuring that standards and procedures are applied. The ideal candidate for the award is highly efficient and has a real passion for leading and developing associates. They will have a very positive demeanour and outstanding communication skills to boot.

Aviator of the Year

This award celebrates the courage and commitment of seaplane pilots, navigators and flight engineers who transport and assist in the transportation of tourists to their holiday destinations, regardless of weather conditions or time of day, making certain that our tourism industry stays functional.

Mariner of the Year

Given the nature of our environment, tourism is highly dependent on sea transfers, especially within neighbouring atolls or from airport/seaplane bases to hotel transfers. The mariners who navigate and assist in the navigation of speedboats in all types of weather, sometimes risk their lives in the process and therefore deserve to be acknowledged for their bravery and dedication.

Procurement Personality of the Year

Meeting suppliers, coordinating deliveries and getting the best value for money all affect a hotel’s bottom line, making the Procurement Person of the Year a valuable hotel asset. The candidate will ensure the efficient purchase of goods and materials with optimal cost reduction and profitability while maintaining the ethics and quality of the hotel brand. The preferred candidate will have identified ways to improve the purchasing process in order to reduce waste and will serve the team in a very environmentally-conscious manner. They will also maintain excellent communication and working relationships with all hotel areas.

Finance Personality of the Year

Candidates from the finance department must have a track record of achieving the highest standards when it comes to forecasting and budgeting, ensuring financial regulations are met and assisting with/ implementing audits of cash deposits. For this award, the candidate must back up their story with numbers. They will also maintain excellent communication and working relationships with all hotel areas.

Sales Personality of the Year

Hotelier is looking for a sales professional who has achieved record sales in the past 12-18 months. We want to hear how they have increased their hotel’s profitability by booking record rooms and/or events through innovative strategies, good client management and the commitment to closing a deal. We are looking for evidence of how a salesperson has managed big accounts and gone over and above the call of duty to secure business, while still ensuring that the hotel’s profitability is maximised. We’re also after a team player that maintains the customer database, generates new leads and develops client referrals. The Sales Star of the Year will be ambitious, results-driven and dynamic, with the numbers to back up their story.

Marketer of the Year

In a destination known for its luxury and breathtaking beauty, marketing plays a pivotal role in showcasing the uniqueness and excellence of each resort. This award acknowledges the exceptional talents and efforts of marketing individuals who have demonstrated remarkable creativity, strategic thinking, and a deep understanding of the ever-evolving hospitality landscape. From captivating social media campaigns to immersive storytelling and sustainable initiatives, this award shines a spotlight on marketing professionals who have not only raised the bar in promoting their resort but also positively impacted in promoting the Maldives as a world-class travel destination.

PR and Communications Personality of the Year

Creativity, style and endless enthusiasm are the key strengths the PR and Communications Star of the Year should possess. They are responsible for communicating a hotel’s personality, brand image and awareness in the marketplace. The nominee should also be known for their ability to capably manage all members of the press, from sales reps to journalists. Examples of PR and communication campaigns are welcome. Additionally, the candidate will be able to demonstrate a real flair for imaginative use of media and social media, and we welcome entries from digital communications personnel who are working hard to train fellow staff on the importance of the digital world.

Chef of the Year

Innovative menu creations, a team spirit, leadership qualities, and a character as happy front-of-house, conversing with diners, as back-of-house, creating new dishes, sum up the attributes of Star Chef of the Year. Menu examples and details of innovations, in terms of dishes and restaurant interior and ambience instigated by the chef, are welcome. We are also looking for evidence of the chef’s ability to motivate, retain and train their team, as well as an ability to work with the F&B department to ensure a profitable food and beverage operation. We need to hear why this chef is an essential part of the hotel fabric and this needs to be backed up with examples of creativity and evidence of financial savings and successes.

F&B Personality of the Year

Open to F&B staff, this award is for those who concentrate on creating innovative promotions, diner loyalty schemes and partnerships with supporting brands to serve up a unique dining experience. Providing a personal service as well as managing and motivating staff effectively is also integral to this role.

Young Hotelier of the Year

For the Young Hotelier of the Year award, we are looking for a hotelier aged 30 years or below, who has worked in the Maldivian hotel industry for at least two years and in the international hospitality sector for at least five years. The Young Hotelier can hold a position in any hotel profession front or back of house. What we are focusing on is the progression of the nominee since entering the industry. Within a minimum period of five years, the nomination must chart the development of the individual, explaining why their achievements to date are above and beyond someone of their years and experience. This does not mean they need to have been promoted to key management positions — just that they have excelled and developed significantly since their first role as an hotelier. We are also looking for candidates that have demonstrated significant contributions to their team’s performance. We want to hear stories about how they have brought a fresh perspective to the hotel management and importantly, been able to deliver upon these ideas. We want to know how they inspire their colleagues daily and enhance their guests’ experience. Ultimately, the Young Hotelier of the Year should be a dynamic individual striving to fulfil their greatest potential and bringing great success to their property.

Unsung Hero of the Year

A category open to anyone that works in hotel operations. This award is for the real unsung heroes; those that chop vegetables all day, sweep floors, clean rooms, and always manage to have a smile on their face, and a ‘can do’ attitude.

GM of the Year

A role model to all associates, the GM of the Year tackles all business challenges head on, and still makes time to meet and greet guests and talk to line staff on a daily basis. This award celebrates a General Manager who has a passion for their work so great that they go beyond the call of duty and are as willing to muck in and get their hands dirty to get a task done as they are to make big business decisions. Alongside examples of the GM’s leadership and service skills, we are also looking for hard facts that demonstrate their management acumen and strategies to drive revenue, beat the competition and take their hotel to the top of its game for the benefit of all stakeholders – owners, staff and guests.

Hotel Team of the Year

This award is designed to recognize and celebrate groups of colleagues who have worked together to bring success to their property. The Hotel Team of the Year will be represented by the executive committee, who will in turn represent every member of their department. Whether new or old, if your hotel has an exciting story that the team deserves to be rewarded for, this award is for you.

Training and Development Programme of the Year

The Training and Development Programme of the Year award is given to a hotel or resort that has demonstrated excellence and innovation in training and developing its staff. The award recognises the efforts and initiatives of the property to enhance the skills, knowledge, and performance of its employees across all levels and departments.

Sustainability Champion of the Year

The Sustainability Champion of the Year award is given to a hotel or resort in Maldives that has demonstrated outstanding commitment and contribution to environmental conservation and sustainability. The award recognises the efforts and initiatives of the property to reduce its environmental footprint, conserve natural resources, and protect the biodiversity of the Maldives.

CSR Programme of the Year

The CSR Programme of the Year award is given to a hotel or resort that has demonstrated outstanding commitment and contribution to corporate social responsibility. The award recognises the efforts and initiatives of the property to enhance the social, environmental, and economic well-being of its stakeholders and the community.

Nomination Guidelines

  1. All hotels and resorts in the Maldives are eligible to nominate team members for the Hotelier Maldives Awards.
  2. Nominations must be made by a hotel representative on behalf of a member of staff of their hotel. Hotelier Maldives recommends that nominations be approved by the HR / PR / Marketing team and / or the General Manager’s office before they are submitted.
  3. Hotels and resorts are allowed to nominate one person per category.
  4. This is the Hotelier Maldives Awards 2024, and as a result, the independent judging panel is seeking to reward the best performers in 2023, so please ensure that each nomination includes relevant and up to date information on achievements over the past 12 months. All nominations must be submitted online via this form. Nominations submitted in any other format will be disregarded.
  5. The online nomination submission form is split into different sections:
    • Who are you nominating — contact information for the nominee.
    • Why should this person win the award — reasons for why the nominee should win; please note there are five questions to answer.
    • How can we get in touch with you — contact information for the nominator
    • Photograph submission — please submit your nominee image with the online nomination. Make sure it’s a high quality resolution as it would be used on all presentation and print purposes.
  6. All sections must be completed. Please do not copy and paste the same text into each answer box – each of the questions should have a different answer.
  7. The final deadline for nominations is January 31, 2024. Nominations received after this date will be disregarded.
  8. When all the nominations have been received, the Hotelier Maldives team will compile firstly a shortlist of all eligible nominees that meet the submission criteria and will present the list along with the supporting documents to the independent panel of judges.
  9. ⁠The judges will then meet either in-person or virtually to discuss the list and decide upon the winners. The judges’ decision will be final.
  10. After the judging panel’s evaluation, the finalists for each category will be announced online and open for public voting. The winners will be determined by an aggregate score comprising 60% judges’ marks and 40% votes.
  11. The winners will be announced at a gala ceremony on April 25, 2024 in OBLU XPERIENCE Ailafushi. The winners will not be revealed until this date.

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