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Air Service World Congress to boost Maldives tourism

Velana International Airport (VIA) announced that the upcoming Air Service World Congress, happening from July 9th to 11th at Kurumba Maldives, will be a significant boost to the country’s tourism industry.

This prestigious event, known as the world’s largest air transport business gathering, will connect airlines and airports worldwide. Over 150 delegates, including representatives from Maldivian airlines, are expected to attend.

“The Air Service World Congress will be a unique experience for participants, offering opportunities for new air travel ventures and business partnerships,” said VIA. “We believe this congress will open many doors for tourism in the Maldives.”

The attendees will go beyond just vacationers. Industry professionals from across the globe will be present, creating a platform for promoting the Maldives’ aviation landscape.

“The beginning of our airport was intrinsically linked to tourism,” said VIA. “Commercial aviation in the Maldives started to meet the demand for tourist travel. Our primary goal is to promote tourism and shape things to benefit the industry.”

While the full impact may take time to materialize, increased connectivity is anticipated. With around 40 airlines currently serving the Maldives, attracting additional carriers would make it easier for tourists from various regions to reach the island nation.

This year’s Air Service World Congress follows last year’s announcement at the San Francisco Congress. The event has previously been held in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Dubai.

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