Kuramathi Eco Centre and Rasdhu Blue Tide Swimming School joined hands to Inspire Young Minds

Kuramathi Eco Centre and Rasdhu Blue Tide Swimming School joined hands to  host an educational event aimed at instilling love for marine life and environmental conservation  in children aged 5-12. This collaborative effort was driven by a shared passion for protecting our  oceans and educating the next generation about the importance of marine conservation. 

The day began with an engaging presentation on manta rays, captivating the children’s attention  and sparking their curiosity about these fascinating creatures. The enthusiasm among the young  participants was palpable as they eagerly learned information about the marine ecosystem and  its inhabitants. The agenda expanded to include a discussion on the sperm whale skeleton  housed at the Eco Centre. This addition further enriched the children’s understanding of marine  biodiversity and the interconnectedness of ocean ecosystems. 

The highlight of the event was the snorkelling adventure where students aged 8-12 geared up to  explore the underwater world alongside manta rays, younger children aged 5-7 remained at  Kuramathi Eco Centre, where they had the opportunity to observe plankton through a  microscope with the guidance of Mohammed Aleem – Senior Eco Centre Coordinator. This  hands-on activity allowed them to gain a deeper appreciation for the intricate beauty of marine  life on a microscopic level. 

Under the guidance of Sara Scroglieri Resident Marine Biologist at Kuramathi, children had the  chance to snorkel with manta rays but also actively participated in collecting plankton samples  for further examination under the microscope. This immersive experience not only fostered a  sense of wonder but also instilled a sense of responsibility towards protecting our oceans and  marine ecosystems. 

We extend our sincere gratitude to all participants and speakers for their invaluable contributions  to the event’s success. All participants were presented with certificates of participation, serving  as a testament to their commitment to marine conservation and environmental stewardship.  Kuramathi Eco Centre and Rasdhu Blue Tide Swimming School are proud to have inspired and  empowered the next generation of environmental champions and look forward to continuing  their collaborative efforts to protect our oceans for generations to come.