Kuramathi offers photography services via exclusive partnership

Kuramathi Maldives has announced the latest endeavour in enhancing guest services through a strategic partnership with Shutterfish.

This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to providing an unparalleled experience for our guests by introducing an exceptional photography service.

Kuramathi is eager to offer an elevated level of service, and our partnership with Shutterfish is a key step in achieving this goal. By aligning with Shutterfish, we aim to provide our guests with extraordinary photography experiences, reflecting our dedication to delivering the best possible stay.

Shutterfish, established in 2016, has earned a reputation as a beacon of excellence in world-class photography services. Their mission goes beyond capturing moments; it includes empowering Maldivian team members through top-tier training and mentoring. This aligns seamlessly with the vision of Kuramathi of fostering the growth of skilled Maldivian photographers and videographers to create unforgettable memories for our esteemed guests.

As the leading boutique luxury photo service in the Maldives, Shutterfish has a history of successful operations with high-end resorts, showcasing a shared commitment to quality and innovation. Shutterfish’s extensive partnerships in the Maldives reflect their excellence in serving the luxury hospitality sector.

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