Maldives Halal Travel represented at Halal Expo Indonesia Conference 2023

Dr. Hussain Sunny Umar, representing Maldives Halal Travel (MHT), participated in a panel discussion on “Exploring Halal – Friendly Travel Destinations and Experiences” at the Halal Expo Indonesia Conference 2023, held from October 25-29, 2023.

During the panel discussion, Dr. Sunny spoke on the global halal industry and its importance to Maldives in terms of the rapidly growing halal travel component. He highlighted that Maldives, being a 100% Muslim country, has the existing infrastructure to cater to the halal market, but needs to focus on promoting it effectively.

Dr. Sunny also shared the current initiatives being conducted under the endorsement of the Ministry of Tourism and Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) to promote Maldives as a Muslim-friendly destination through MHT.

MHT is a platform that provides a variety of products and services related to halal travel, including halal news, offers, a magazine, a travel rating system, advisory and consultancy services, PR and marketing services, training, conferences, specialized content creation, and hosting halal travel awards.

Halal Weekly, a global halal travel news platform, was a media partner for the Halal Expo Indonesia Conference 2023.

The Halal Expo Indonesia Conference is Indonesia’s largest halal industry summit, and acts as an economic catalyst for the Muslim community at both national and global levels.

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