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Maldives reserves several tourism jobs for locals

The Maldivian Cabinet has earmarked specific job sectors, especially those in the tourism industry, exclusively for locals, aiming to prioritise national recruitment efforts.

In a press conference held by the President’s Office on Monday, Abdullah Nazim Ibrahim, the Principal Secretary on Public Policy, highlighted one of nine proposals presented to the Cabinet meeting on Sunday by various ministries. The Higher Education, Labour, and Skills Development Ministry submitted a plan to pinpoint youth interests and skills, aligning them with available job opportunities.

Nazim disclosed that jobs predominantly occupied by Indian citizens, such as teaching and nursing roles, would be among those reserved for Maldivians. Furthermore, positions within the tourism sector, including Guest Relations Officers, Housekeeping and Front Office Managers, Tour Guides, Divers, Inspectors, Surveyors, and Site Supervisors, are also on the list.

Other professions encompass Accountants, Pilots, Hairdressers, Beauticians, Electricians, Electrical Engineers, Babysitters, Personal Trainers, and religious roles like Imams.

“The Cabinet aims to set a schedule for the necessary preparations to designate these fields exclusively for Maldivians,” stated Nazim, without specifying the timeline for halting foreign recruitment or implementing the decision.

Addressing the persistent challenge of increasing local teachers in Maldivian schools, Nazim admitted that resolving this issue remains complex. The government plans to create a framework to identify foreign teachers, aligning with a phased approach yet without setting a definite resolution timeframe.

Despite acknowledging the specialty of photography as a job for Maldivians and advocating for a portion of resort jobs to be reserved for locals, previous governments have yet to find a solution to these issues.

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