MU Maniku says engaging Maldivians in tourism key to progress

Mohamed Umar Maniku, a pioneering figure in the Maldives tourism industry and Chairman of Universal, emphasised the significance of involving Maldivians in the tourism sector during a recent event.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony of the fourth batch of the Universal Foundation and Villa College Discover Hospitality programme, where certificates were presented to the fifth batch of participants, Maniku underscored the substantial value of the hospitality course.

The event, held at the Manhattan Business Hotel on Tuesday, marked a significant step forward in fostering industry growth and development through strategic partnerships.

Maniku highlighted the program’s importance, considering it a pivotal initiative conducted by two seasoned entities in the field. He expressed his optimism regarding the program’s potential to catalyse industry advancement.

During his address, Maniku emphasised the critical role of the Discover Hospitality programme in cultivating a well-trained workforce for the industry. He articulated his aspiration to inspire a growing number of young individuals to join the program and forge a career in hospitality. Recognising tourism as the cornerstone of the nation’s economy, Maniku underscored the array of career opportunities it offers.

As the industry expands and generates additional employment prospects, Maniku stressed the indispensable role of trained individuals in upholding a high standard of quality within the tourism sector. He further asserted that relying on external sources for human resources in perpetuity is not a sustainable approach.

Maniku also observed that the existing facilities within resorts have attained an impressive level of quality, which bodes well for the future of tourism in the Maldives. His remarks encapsulated a shared vision of a thriving, homegrown hospitality workforce contributing to the nation’s economic prosperity and the sustained growth of the tourism industry.

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