Nika Island Resort & Spa offers transformative longevity program with Dr. Andrea Carraro

Nika Island Resort & Spa has announced a special two-week program focused on promoting longevity with renowned health and wellness expert Dr. Andrea Carraro.

Dr. Carraro, a distinguished Osteopath, Naprapath, Posturologist, and Shoulder Specialist, will be at Nika Island from July 30th to August 14th. Guests can participate in a personalized program designed to enhance physical activity, a cornerstone of healthy aging.

This exclusive program reflects Nika’s dedication to offering exceptional wellness experiences in the Maldives’ only designated longevity blue zone. Throughout the event, guests will enjoy curated activities like sunrise yoga on the beach and personalized training plans designed by Dr. Carraro himself.

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“Join for a rejuvenating experience guided by Dr. Carraro,” invites Nika Island Resort & Spa. “Embrace a lifestyle that celebrates vitality and lasting well-being.”

Book your stay at Nika Island Resort & Spa and embark on a transformative journey of longevity with Dr. Andrea Carraro. Let the island’s pristine beauty inspire you as you work towards a future of enriched health and long-lasting vitality.

Nika Island Resort & Spa looks forward to welcoming you to this exclusive wellness retreat.

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