Travel advisory update global; unchanged for Maldives: UK

In a recent development, the United Kingdom has issued a comprehensive global travel advisory concerning the threat of terrorism. Contrary to some reports, the advisory does not single out the Maldives, according to British High Commissioner to Maldives, Caron Rohsler.

The travel advisory was last updated on June 22, and the Maldives description contained a mention of the risk of a terrorist attack. However, it is important to note that this change was not specifically directed towards the Maldives alone, as clarified by High Commissioner Rohsler.

Responding to media reports, Rohsler took to Twitter to emphasise that the travel advisory on terrorism is intended globally, rather than being aimed solely at the Maldives.

Both the United Kingdom and the United States have consistently included warnings about the threat of terrorist attacks in their travel advisories for the Maldives. This precautionary measure was implemented in response to Maldivians traveling to Syria to participate in civil unrest, as well as the emergence of an extremist movement within the country.

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