UNWTO and MUST Travel & Tech Provide Digital Tools to Revitalise Global Tourism

The Maldives, and countries around the world, can greatly benefit from a World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) agreement with MUST Travel & Tech to place a digital app at the service of tourism.

As the world reopens, UNWTO continues to energise the restart of tourism based on sustainability and innovation. An agreement with MUST Travel & Tech allows a digital tool to be at the disposal of the service of tourism. This allows users to share their experiences to promote the reactivation of the sector with a view to sustainability. Presented during the UNWTO Mayors’ Forum in Porto, Portugal, MUST is an opportunity for the advancement of smart cities, as well as destinations that incorporate technology and innovation in their development. This allows users to share their experiences to promote the reactivation of the sector with a view to sustainability.

Already operating in 60 countries, MUST aggregates all the information of interest to travellers in one place. By also integrating key information and analysis from UNWTO, it aims to become a leading tourism application and generate opportunities for destinations.

The visibility provided through technological tools is an opportunity for those who, along the entire value chain of the sector, require support to restart their activity, from new destinations around rural communities to destinations with a high degree of infrastructure development.

UNWTO Secretary General Zurab Pololikashvili, and Pablo Lopez, CEO and founder of MUST Travel & Tech in Porto, Portugal

“We welcome innovative ideas and technologies that allow the creation of global and regional innovation ecosystems aimed at accelerating the recovery of tourism for development,” said UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili upon signing the agreement.

Pablo Lopez, CEO of MUST, highlighted that “technology enhances the productivity and resilience of companies. The implementation of digital solutions in line with new trends in the tourism sector allows us to develop a differentiated, personalized and safe tourism product that is more focused on behaviour patterns and the management of spaces that will undoubtedly contribute to the recovery of a key activity for the economy in general”.

A distinctive element will be the contribution of tourism intelligence from the UNWTO to the users of the tool. In this way, relevant and verified social content is combined with data for making informed and evidence-based decisions. MUST provide the perfect ecosystem to stimulate both the supply and the demand of meaningful experiences through digitalisation, sustainability and social recommendations. As Katherine Hays (one of MobileMarketer’s Mobile Women to Watch) expressed, “It is becoming increasingly clear that a major social + digital disrupter in the Travel & Experiences industry is imminent, especially once the effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic on the industry start fading away. Why can’t that be Must?”

Featured Image: UNWTO

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