Urbanco awards GPL Holdings contract to develop marina in Hulhumale

Urbanco has awarded GPL Holdings Pvt Ltd the contract to develop a marina for yachts and speedboats in Hulhumale. The marina, which will be developed south of the Hulhumale Ferry Terminal, will be developed for speedboats and luxury yachts. A dedicated port and support facility will be established there.

The marina will have a convenient berth for a total of 133 vessels at a time. Of these, 33 spaces are reserved for luxury yachts. The rest of the space is reserved for activities ranging from yachts, speedboats, big game fishing to small boats.

The marina will provide water and fueling services for vessels and will have 24-hour CCTV cameras.

The supporting facility will bring the comfort of the marina. The basement of the four-storey facility will be reserved for car parking. There will be parking space for about 100 cars.

The ground floor of the facility will house a 24-hour shop and restaurant while the first floor will be used for resorts and office spaces related to the hospitality industry. There will also be a VIP lounge on the rooftop. Cold storage services will also be provided.


GPL Holdings said the project will bring positive economic changes to Hulhumale. The marina will provide a safe environment for vessels and create many jobs for young people, the company said. When the facility is brought into operation, passengers will be able to check in for flights departing from the VIA from the facility’s VIP lounge.

GPL is preparing to start work next month. The company expects the project to be completed within a year.

Urbanco, which manages Hulhumale, said the project will create many job opportunities and tourism can be expanded.

GPL Holdings is a company that was registered in 2016 and is not known to possess any prior experience in developing marinas or similar projects.

Here are some additional details about the project:

  • The marina will be developed in a strategic location, close to the Hulhumale Ferry Terminal and the VIA. This will make it easily accessible for tourists and locals alike.
  • The marina will be equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including water and fueling services, CCTV cameras, and a car park.
  • The supporting facility will provide a variety of amenities, including a shop, restaurant, resorts, office spaces, and a VIP lounge.