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Air Service World Congress 2024 Commences with International Dignitaries in Maldives

The Air Service World Congress 2024 has officially commenced, attracting numerous international dignitaries from the aviation industry. The annual forum, taking place from July 9 to July 11 at Kurumba Maldives, promises to be a significant event for the global aviation sector.

Three resorts have been designated to host various activities for the congress. The opening event was held on July 9 at Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa, welcoming 150 representatives from 27 airlines and 17 airports, including local airlines.

During the opening ceremony, Ibrahim Shareef Mohamed, Managing Director of Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL), emphasized the crucial importance of hosting global meetings and conferences. He noted that such events not only strengthen relationships between international representatives but also provide significant opportunities to enhance the aviation industry at an international level. Shareef also provided insights into the ongoing developmental project at Velana International Airport (VIA), highlighting its future impact on the aviation sector.

Speaking at the event, Mike Howarth, Chairman of Global Travel Investment, praised the Maldives as a beautiful destination and expressed confidence in the nation’s potential for a tourism sector boost.

A special networking event is scheduled at SAii Lagoon Maldives in CROSSROADS, while both the inaugural and closing ceremonies will take place at Kurumba Maldives. The congress will share valuable information on the growing aviation industry in the Maldives, fostering opportunities for both government and private enterprises to advance the sector.

The Air Service World Congress 2024, hosted by VIA, follows the successful conclusion of the 2023 congress held in Oakland, San Francisco Bay Area. Since its inception in 2010, the congress has been held in several countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Dubai.

Transport and Civil Aviation Minister Mohamed Ameen, speaking at the welcoming ceremony at Sheraton Maldives, emphasized the interconnected growth of the tourism and aviation industries. He stated that the Maldives’ tourism sector can only fully benefit from a strong, world-class air transport industry. Ameen highlighted the potential of the Air Service World Congress to increase the number of flights to and from the Maldives.

“We should not only strive to keep Maldives as a top tourism destination but also offer enjoyable air travel facilities that tourists will not forget,” said Ameen. He expressed optimism that the conference would open new doors for expanding air transport in the Maldives.

Ibrahim Shareef further highlighted the pivotal role of VIA in the Maldives’ aviation sector, stating that the airport is the main gateway to the Maldives and a showcase of the nation’s advancements in development, tourism, and transportation. Referring to ongoing projects for the airport’s development, he emphasized the importance of expanding services to meet the increasing number of tourists visiting the Maldives each year.

“Our aim is to make VIA a remarkable airport in the Indian Ocean region,” Shareef stated.

The Air Service World Congress 2024, running until July 11, continues to bring together over 150 delegates from 27 airlines and 17 airports, fostering collaboration and innovation in the aviation industry.