ASK Holdings Pvt. Ltd – Upholding family values since the 1960s

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ASK Holdings Pvt. Ltd is a leading provider of hardware and sanitary ware solutions. The company was founded by Mr. Ali Sulaiman with a straightforward intention of providing his children with a better life. Decades later, the company is a successful family run business, highly reputed for its hardware solutions, and a household name when it comes to sanitary ware.

The Beginning

In 1967, founder of ASK Holdings Pvt. Ltd Mr. Ali Sulaiman alongside Vice Chairman Mr. Mohamed Ali built a boat to carry passengers and cargo to and from Addu Atoll. When Mr. Ali Sulaiman’s boat started the trips to and from Addu, the timing was spot on for such a venture. The British Royal Air Force had its base in Addu during the time, and this had made the atoll prosperous, and there was a high demand for transportation between Male’ and Addu.

Revenues from these trips helped Mr. Ali Sulaiman to reach out further in his business endeavours and during the mid-70s he opened a shop on Chandhanee Magu, Male’, aptly named Fashion Corner, which specialized in ready to wear clothes and cosmetics. During the 80s Mr. Ali Sulaiman also opened Albion Store, one of the leading hardware stores in the country today, and during the 1990s, he opened Al Kachin to cater to both the tourism industry and the domestic market with crockery and cutlery items from France, Thailand and China. In 2004, Mr. Ali Sulaiman also opened the Albion Mart, a shopping mart with goods that ranged from frozen foods to cosmetics. The store was a popular spot for its customers in Male’ until it was closed in 2008.

A family business

Mr. Ali Sulaiman’s ventures continued to expand and grow, and in 2004, Mr. Ali Sulaiman being the visionary that he is, decided to establish a family company named ASK Holdings Private Limited. ‘ASK’ in ASK Holdings Pvt. Ltd represents ‘Ali Sulaiman and Kins’. The company is built on strong family values with Mr. Ali Sulaiman’s children and grandchildren as shareholders and the business is managed and run as a family entity with family members involved in its senior management positions.

The company’s vision

ASK Holdings Pvt. Ltd functions with a mission of maintaining quality standards for all its products, and providing store wide warranty services, best prices, reliable products and amenities to all its customers. The company also focusses on providing every customer with an easy access to the finest quality tools for any job, and maintaining its reliable reputation as a one stop retailer for all building products. The company believes in upholding the ethical standards of their forefathers and demonstrates integrity by trusting, respecting and empowering its employees and by operating every single day with authenticity, honesty and reliability.


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ASK Holdings Pvt. Ltd’s specialty areas include sanitary ware solutions, hardware solutions, floor tiles and wall tiles, finishing products for cleaning and maintenance, PVC pipes and fittings, furniture accessories, roofing materials, exterior and interior paint, electrical switches and door locks, ceiling and partition boards.

The company also has a team of dedicated, young and innovative professionals who prioritize satisfying the needs of the company’s customers as quickly and easily as possible.

Albion Tile Specialist and Albion Store

In 2006, the directors of Ask Holdings Pvt Ltd discovered the importance of providing high quality tools to cut, polish and drill all types of tiles which include ceramic tiles, marble, granite and terrazzo. A new shop named Albion was opened in the previous location of the Fashion Corner. The business continued to grow and in 2010, the name of the shop was changed to Albion Tile Specialist.

Albion Tile Specialist is the sole distributer for ‘RUBI’ brand of finishing tools and items from Spain. The range of tools include tile cutters along with necessary accessories essential for masonry work. The company has acquired a niche market for these products and also provides warranty and after sales services. Albion Tile Specialist is now moved to Albion Store for better customer experience.

Albion Store has been around for the last 30 years and is currently the sole distributor in the Maldives for Star Sanitary ware, Rubi, Monsoon, Sosuco tiles, Magcon, Kangaroo Paints, Fiberdore, Primaflex cement boards, etc. With the rapid boom in the local construction and hardware business, Albion Store, specializing in light hardware and sanitary ware has now become a household name within the industry.

Catering to the hospitality sector

ASK Holdings currently caters to about 30% of the resort market, providing Rubi and Primaflex products along with the other brands in the company’s product line. The company entered the hospitality industry several years back, and considers having achieved 20% of the cleaning product market within the tourism industry as one of the many milestones accomplished by the company. ASK Holdings’ future plans are focused on catering to the cleaning product market even further along with making the company’s products highly used within the tourism sector.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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