Atmosphere Core’s first sustainability impact report published

Atmosphere Core, a dynamic hospitality company, has taken a momentous step by benchmarking efforts across the pillars of CORE — expanding into Community, Operations, Resources, and Environment. The company’s recently published CORE IMPACT report showcases ESG initiatives across 8 resorts within 3 brands.

Shrikant Dash, the Deputy Managing Director for Corporate at Atmosphere Core says, “I believe that business growth and sustainability are not exclusive. They go hand in hand, with the eco-friendly solution usually being the financially savvy one. For us, this report marks a small step in our journey. It is just the beginning, and we will continue to work alongside our partners in driving impact.”

As part of its future vision, Atmosphere Core said it will have a resort with zero contribution towards landfill waste within the next year. The company also inked a partnership with Lootah Biofuels to replace diesel with green biofuels made from used cooking oil across its 8 resorts. Along with producing and supplying biodiesel, the initiative will also provide waste cooking oil recycling services in the Maldives.

Among the company’s accomplishments are tripling the contribution of solar energy to their energy mix, preventing 2.4 million plastic bottles from ending up in landfills, and installing thousands of coral fragments to support marine life.

Furthermore, the company has driven impact through innovative initiatives such as establishing a responsible supply chain. In 2021 each of the company’s resorts sourced its own dry goods individually. By July 2023, a total of 60% of all dry goods was being sourced centrally removing the need for thousands of individual orders from resorts and hundreds of flights and boat trips. In addition, the company is working towards sourcing 100% of its dry good centrally by the third quarter of 2024.

Partner brand ELE|NA, that operates at seven of the company’s resorts, has accelerated a wide range of sustainability initiatives since 2020. For example, 70% of ELE|NA spa products are sourced locally, driving economic and social impact, with an aim to increase this to 80% by 2024.

Another focus area is Community. Through registered NGO Atmosphere Foundation, the company has launched five projects and made a difference in the lives of 8,000 Maldivians. The foundation supports existing charities and runs education and civic engagement projects. A recent initiative being the Bamboo For Climate Change Mitigation project which has involved donation of 1000 bamboo plants to 9 community islands which together are home to over 5,000 people.

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