Bandos Maldives hosts annual Blood Donor Camp 2023

In a remarkable display of commitment to community health, Bandos Maldives successfully organised its annual blood donor camp. This event, a hallmark in the resort’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, has become a tradition that underscores the resort’s dedication to giving back to the community. This year’s event, held on Tuesday, saw 51 dedicated employees willingly contribute to the noble cause.

The initiative, which has become a tradition for the resort, aims to make a positive impact on the local community’s healthcare needs. Last year, 62 employees generously participated in the blood donation drive, showcasing the continued enthusiasm and support from the Bandos Maldives team.

Ismail Rasheed, the General Manager of Bandos Maldives, expressed his pride in the employees’ unwavering commitment to the annual blood donor camp.

“Year after year, our team demonstrates a strong sense of social responsibility by actively participating in this life-saving initiative. The consistent turnout over the past years reflects our shared values and the importance we place on contributing to the well-being of our community,” said Ismail.

As the resort commemorates its 51st year on December 10, the General Manager emphasised the significant impact of such initiatives on the broader community. He highlighted the importance of blood donation in saving lives and meeting the constant demand for blood in medical emergencies.

The Bandos Maldives annual blood donor camp stands as a testament to the resort’s commitment not only to providing exceptional hospitality but also to being an active and responsible member of the local community. Bandos Maldives continues to set an inspiring example for corporate social responsibility in the Maldives.

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