Carlo Di Nunzio Appointed Executive Chef at Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa

Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa has appointed Chef Carlo Di Nunzio as Executive Chef of the 5-star luxury resort. Originally from Torino, Italy, Chef Carlo brings with him an impressive skillset and over 32 years of experience, expertise, and management.

The long-held belief that cooking brings out positive emotion in others is what had driven Chef Carlo to pursue a career in the kitchen. Although he was initially inspired by the Italian palate, Chef Carlo moved across the world on his mission to make people happy through food. He has honed new skills and gathered a diverse clientele in Switzerland, France, Romania, Egypt, England, and Portugal before ending up in the Maldives. During his time overseas, he worked in international hotel chains and Michelin Star restaurants with the goal of bettering himself and furthering his mantra to bring joy to even the pickiest and hard-to-please customers.

Here in the Maldives, Chef never ceases learning and prefers to hear from local chefs about their way of the craft. In turn, he imparts his own knowledge to exchange culinary information, and as a team they create some wonderful dishes for the guests.

Chef Carlo has a firm belief that there are many similarities between Italian and Maldivian cuisine, which seem to intersect most in seafood-focused meals. This is no surprise when considering the abundance of fresh catch from the Maldivian seas and variety of local ingredients used in cooking. He prefers people to know what they are getting, prepare it with the freshest ingredients possible, and then watch as they leave fuller and happier than they arrived. Not only is this mantra better for the environment, but it is also better for our nutrition. By preparing food from the freshest ingredients, Chef hopes that guests at Hideaway truly experience how remarkable food can taste.

Chef Carlo has already started sharing creations at Hideaway with countless recipes in the works together with the culinary team. As the resort’s new Executive Chef, he says that he is looking to wow and impress the resort’s guests with his many culinary delights and take dining at Hideaway to the next level.







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