Create Your Magic and Win BBM’s Challenge 2021

In January 2021, BBM launched “BBM Chef’s Challenge 2021”. BBM team came up with an incredible opportunity for chef’s in Maldives to participate and showcase their magical talents online via social media platforms.

According to BBM, the purpose of creating such a challenge is to showcase the talents of chef’s all over the county. With Maldives being a world-class destination, tourists from all over the world visit Maldives and one of the most memorable parts of their holidays has always been exceptionally good food and dining experiences. It’s the magical talents of the chefs working behind the scenes who we owe for these compliments from tourists.

One of the most key components of creating wonderful dishes is the use of good quality, world-class ingredients. So BMM presents with this challenge to chefs the opportunity to display their creativity, innovative ideas and magical presentation to the community creating brilliant, global dishes.

The Challenge

BBM has handpicked twenty world-class brands and products for chef’s to choose from and play around with which is readily available in Maldives. The chosen brands cover a wide range of Dairy, Rice, Spices, Pastry, Chocolate, Coffee, Puree, Coconut Milk Powder, Seasoning, Sauces, Processed Meat, Pasta, Soup, Pastes, Flour, Bread-Mixes, Spreads and Gastronomy, offering all main ingredients needed to create amazing dishes. The challenge is to choose any one or more brands from the chosen list and craft their own magic, get the appreciation from their peers, public and guests on Social Media and win the title of BBM Chef’s Challenge 2021.

What to Do

The instructions for this challenge are very simple three steps.

Step One – Choose the ingredients from the selected brands, you can use as many products as you prefer to complete your dish. Remember to choose at least one brand from the list.

Step Two – Once you have completed creating the perfect dish you want, your next task is to take a picture of the dish which you came up with. Make sure that the logo of  some of the brands which you may have selected from the list is visible on your picture. Be creative.

Step Three – Write the recipe and upload it as a post along with the picture on either Facebook or Instagram. Your post must be a public post, where people can access to admire as well as make sure it contains the Hashtag #BBMChef2021 to enter into the challenge. This step is all about getting your work out there.

The Prizes

The challenge began from the month of January onwards and will go on till the 31st of March 2021. For this challenge, winners are selected on a monthly basis as well as for the whole overall challenge. For every month between January 2021 thru March 2021, those who receive the three highest number of “Likes” on their posts will each receive one “Café Vergnano” coffee machine and one capsule box containing 30 capsules.

The Grand Prize is awarded at the end of the challenge.Participants need to keep checking the “Leader Board” on BBM Facebook page to see where they stand in terms of the number of “Likes” on their post. Based on overall “Likes”, there will be 3 Grand Prize winners once the challenge closes on 31st March 2021, who will each be awarded the title BBM Chef’s Challenge 2021 and also be able to win the challenge prize money. BBM offers USD 1000/- for the 1st Prize, USD 750/- for the 2nd Prize and USD 500/- for the 3rd Prize.

So with the new year, Chefs here is your amazing chance to have some fun, showcase your talent to the community as well as the opportunity of winning the title. But remember, if you want to get more likes, entering earlier the better. Now go and get creative.