Govt announces scholarship scheme for resort senior positions

During a campaign rally in Mahchangolhi ward in Male Tuesday evening, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih announced a scholarship scheme aimed at training Maldivians for senior roles within the nation’s resorts. Addressing resort employees, the president expressed the government’s commitment to exploring avenues for providing training for key positions within the tourism sector.

He also mentioned the government’s intention to increase the weekly leave for resort workers from one day to two. The decision to introduce the scholarship scheme was prompted by feedback from resort employees, many of whom voiced concerns about the presence of foreigners in senior positions at resorts.

President Solih stated that scholarships would be offered to individuals aspiring to work in various roles within resorts, from general managers to accountants. The scheme is intended to expedite the process of training Maldivians for higher-level positions in the tourism industry.

As part of the proposals raised by senior resort employees, there were suggestions to reduce the current working hours from 48 to 40 hours per week and to provide two days off instead of one. The president expressed the government’s willingness to consult with resort owners to implement these changes.

Additionally, it was proposed to establish an advisory committee within the Ministry of Tourism, comprising employees, resort owners, tour operators, and other stakeholders, to plan industry development strategies. The president confirmed that this proposal would be presented and an advisory committee formed accordingly.

In a separate initiative, President Solih has allocated 300 flats under the Gedhoruveriya scheme for employees in the tourism sector. The application for these flats is currently open, offering further support to the industry’s workforce.

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