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Govt initiates programme to boost women’s participation in tourism employment

The government launched the Women for Tourism programme on Thursday, a part of its initial 100-day commitments aimed at boosting female participation in the tourism sector.

The inauguration ceremony took place at Meeruma Hotel in Male, with Economic Minister Mohamed Saeed leading the event.

The programme’s primary objective is to offer targeted training for women interested in pursuing careers in tourism. Participants will undergo a three-month mentorship program, equipping them with the skills necessary for employment in various sectors of the tourism industry, such as resorts, hotels, guesthouses, and dive centres.

Open to women who have completed either a certificate-level or diploma course, the programme will be conducted twice annually.

Tourism Minister Ibrahim Faisal addressed the gathering during the inauguration, highlighting the multitude of challenges faced by women in the male-dominated tourism sector. He pointed out that one significant hurdle is the necessity for women to leave their families for extended periods to fulfil work commitments.

Acknowledging these economic and cultural obstacles, Faisal emphasised that addressing and surmounting these challenges is a government priority. Increasing the number of women in the tourism workforce is crucial, he added.

Citing data from the 2022 census, the tourism industry currently employs a total of 52,482 individuals. Among the local workforce of 15,597, only 891 are women. The Women for Tourism initiative aims to address this gender disparity and create more opportunities for women within the sector.

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