Bestbuy Maldives, Lifebuoy team up for handwashing awareness campaign via games

Bestbuy Maldives (BBM) in partnership with Unilever’s Lifebuoy is launching the H for Handwashing GHD 2023 event in collaboration with Kangaroo Kids International Pre School on October 24 in Male.

The H for Handwashing Games, aimed at addressing post-pandemic hygiene fatigue, comes at a critical time when handwashing rates have declined. Recent studies reveal a significant drop in handwashing rates, falling from 78% in March 2020 to 59% in September 2021.

This decline in handwashing rates raises concerns about the potential increase in preventable infections and illnesses among children. Lifebuoy recognizes the urgent need to combat hygiene fatigue and promote regular handwashing, particularly among kids. The H for Handwashing Games are a direct response to this need, offering an interactive solution to educate and encourage consistent hand hygiene.

Guided by a behavior change model and developed in collaboration with Imagimake, Lifebuoy’s H for Handwashing Games are designed to engage young minds by combining play with the importance of hand hygiene. The collection includes four popular board games creatively reimagined to teach children the importance of handwashing with soap while having fun.

Parnil Sarin, Director at Lifebuoy, a Billion Euro brand, stated, “At the core of our brand’s purpose lies our unwavering mission to inspire and foster good hygiene habits that last a lifetime. The H for Handwashing Games aim to address hygiene fatigue by making handwashing fun, exciting, and a part of everyday play. By capturing children’s attention and imagination, we believe we can re-establish the importance of handwashing as a lifelong habit, even in the post-pandemic era, in a fun and engaging manner.”

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