Hospitality consultancy firm HVS publishes In Focus Report on the Maldives

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HVSSHVS, a global hospitality consultancy firm, has published an in-depth report on the Maldives as part of their In Focus series. The report details the recent tourism trends in the Maldives, covering areas such as tourist arrivals, aviation, overall resort market wide performance and luxury market resort trading performance.

The report’s lead author is Senior Associate at HVS Singapore, Bhoomija Vadehra. At HVS, her role entails providing advisory on consulting projects in South East Asia and Indian Ocean, including market studies, feasibility studies, and valuation. HVS Senior Analyst Casper Wong, and HVS Research Analyst Joel Tay also contributed to the report.

The report’s publication comes a year after the publication of the 2014 In Focus report titled ‘Welcome to Paradise! Seychelles, Maldives & Mauritius’, which investigated the primary tourism drivers, hotel performance, tourism development plans and the outlook for the tourism industries in those countries.

On their website, HVS describes itself as ‘the [hospitality] industry’s primary source of hotel sales data, research, market studies and educational information relating to the hospitality industry.’ In addition to their research, the company also offers a host of other consultancy services, such as asset management and advisory and investment banking. Their goal is to ‘enhance the economic returns and value of [their clients’] hospitality assets’.

Registered members can access the report free of charge via their website library. Alternatively, Hotel News Resource has published the report on their website and it can be accessed with the following link: