How the hospitality industry is addressing the needs of modern consumers

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Consumer needs are evolving; what satisfied customers twenty years ago, will not necessarily keep them content today.

Keeping abreast of trends is how the hospitality industry, including large hotel chains, deliver great experiences to guests.

Some of these trends include:

High Definition TV:

By and large, guests these days expect televisions in their rooms; not only that, the ubiquity and relatively low cost of high definition TVs mean that they are expected in guest rooms. Even hotels targeting the lower end have flatscreen TVs these days although televisions weren’t a priority for them some ten years ago. Today’s average two star hotel will have a TV; it may be small but it will likely be a flatscreen one.

Complimentary WiFi

The internet has become so integral to consumers that hotels are forced to address the issue. The provision of free WiFi internet is expected not only at higher segments of the hotel industry but even at guesthouses. There are 6 USD a day guesthouses in Kathmandu that offer free WiFi connectivity, though the connection may not be as robust as those available at more upscale establishments. Hotels that do not provide free internet access can expect unsatisfied guests, while hotels that do so can rest assured that guests are happy at least in this respect.

Today’s tech-savvy consumer expects the same of hotels, thus even a three-star Holiday Inn will offer flatscreen TVs and free WiFi at a decent speed.


Comfort levels of hotels at the lower end of the market have picked up over the years and in recent years, there has been a focus on becoming eco-friendly establishments. Most hotels today encourage guests to reuse their linens and towels to conserve water. It isn’t just a way of cutting costs for hotels but something that is also driven by consumer demand; even frequent travellers are concerned about environmental conservation.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]