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Hotelier Maldives Awards 2024: Entries now open

Hotelier Maldives, the leading hospitality publication in Maldives, has launched the entries for the Hotelier Maldives Awards 2024, the debut edition of the prestigious awards that honour the best of the best in the tourism industry.

The Hotelier Maldives Awards 2024 are open to all hotel employees who have demonstrated excellence, innovation, and dedication in their respective fields. The awards cover 21 general categories, ranging from housekeeping, engineering, food and beverage, spa and wellness, sales and marketing, and more. The winners will be selected by a combination of public vote and marks given by a panel of judges comprising of industry experts, based on the criteria of performance, achievements, customer feedback, and social responsibility.

The Hotelier Maldives Awards 2024 aim to celebrate the unsung heroes who work behind the scenes to ensure the smooth operation and guest satisfaction of their properties. The awards also seek to inspire and motivate hotel staff to excel in their performance and deliver exceptional service with the spirit of Maldivian hospitality.

The Hotelier Maldives Awards are a testament to the dedication and excellence of hotel employees in the Maldives, who are the backbone of the hospitality industry. The awards are a way of saying thank you to these hardworking individuals who make the Maldives one of the most desirable destinations in the world. The awards are also a way of celebrating the diversity and richness of the Maldivian hospitality culture, which is renowned for its warmth, friendliness, and professionalism.

The entries for the Hotelier Maldives Awards 2024 are open from January 2, 2024 to January 31, 2024. The nominees will be announced in late February 2024, and the winners will be revealed at a gala ceremony in late April 2024.

To enter the Hotelier Maldives Awards 2024, fill out the online entry form on hoteliermaldives.com/awards. For more information, contact the Hotelier Maldives team at info@hoteliermaldives.com. For sponsorship opportunities, contact sales@hoteliermaldives.com. 

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