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Hotelier Maldives Awards 2024 recognises Nizar Ahmed for 51 years of service excellence

Hotelier Maldives, the leading publication for hospitality professionals in the Maldives, has announced the recipient of the Hotelier Maldives Award for Excellence 2024. The award was presented to Nizar Ahmed, affectionately known as Nizarbe, during the debut Hotelier Maldives Awards, presented by Bestbuy Maldives (BBM), held at Kurumba Maldives on April 25, 2024.

Nizar Ahmed is the longest-serving hospitality professional in the Maldives with a tenure spanning over five decades, has been an integral part of the Maldivian hospitality industry. His journey began in 1973 when he joined what was then Kurumba Village, the first resort in Maldives in its very first year. Starting as a helper in the speedboat section, Nizarbe later assumed the role of maintenance manager at the island’s powerhouse. Today, he shares his wealth of experience and knowledge as the Project Manager at Kurumba Maldives.

The secret to Nizarbe’s enthusiasm lies in the exceptional relationship between management and employees at Kurumba Maldives. Trusting employees to excel in their roles sets this resort apart from a lot of others in the industry. Nizarbe’s commitment to his work has remained unwavering, even amidst the industry’s dynamic changes over the years.

“Commitment is the cornerstone of success,” says Nizarbe.

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His advice to young professionals echoes this sentiment: regardless of their position, commitment enables individuals to overcome challenges and thrive in their careers. His dedication has garnered respect throughout the industry, and he continues to inspire both colleagues and guests.

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Nizarbe’s journey exemplifies the profound impact of unwavering dedication to one’s profession. With nearly his entire career devoted to the hospitality industry during the entire course of its existence in Maldives, his contributions to the success of Kurumba Maldives and the broader industry are immeasurable. His positive attitude and boundless enthusiasm serve as a beacon for newcomers, emphasising the transformative power of commitment.

In the words of Hotelier Maldives, “Nizar Ahmed is a legend and a pioneer in this industry.”

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