Making the Connection! Responsible Tourism and Traditional Maldivian One-by-One Tuna Fisheries

Sustainably caught Tuna – Yes, we have heard of it, some of us even search it out in the sea of canned tuna choices in the supermarket aquarium, but how many actually know what makes it sustainable, or what pole-and-line fishing actually is? One-by-one fishing is a centuries old technique for catching tuna that is […]

Iftar in Male’, this Ramadan

This Ramadan, the prospect of finding a place for the traditional iftar while staying within the HPA guidelines of small social gatherings and social distance requirements is a challenge. The eagerly awaited anticipation of a quick speedboat trip to a nearby resort for a tantalising array of delicacies to satisfy even the pickiest eater, is […]

Pandemic and ‘The New Normal’

The onslaught of Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on businesses around the world, affecting all sectors to some extent. No one and nowhere has been spared. The pandemic has reached all corners of the globe and united people in a collective fight against an unknown enemy. Social media and the ever-increasing web of rumour, […]