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JA Manafaru opens new Sunset Bar

JA Manafaru opened the most Northern Bar in the Maldives this week in its lead up to the upcoming Festive season. Known as the Real Maldives, JA Manafaru has named its new bar Veli Bar, which is Dhivehi for Sand Bar. Perched over the tranquil waters of Haa Alifu Atoll, this bar adds to the extensive Dine and Imbibe offering of this 5-star resort.

With the resort recently winning Best Maldives Culinary Resort in the TTM awards, the new bar has been created in line with the resort’s new focus on from scratch creations. The extensive crafted cocktail menu has been designed with the resorts reinvented sustainability focus using produce from the gardens to create fresh flavours. The menu also works to fulfil JA Manafaru’s Zero food waste goals with creative garnishes and the creation of Tepache, a fermented beverage that uses waste pineapple skins.

Veli Bar is also home to the resorts Wellness lab creations where the skilled bar team have created an array of tinctures to craft specialised Bitters to suit the individual cocktails. They also make chemical free natural tonic water the old-fashioned way with Cinchona bark. This also allows them to create a sugar free version of this popular mixer. The JA Manafaru team are also busily fermenting a range of beverages including proper Kombucha, Lacto-Fermented Lemonade and natural Ginger Beer.

Also in keeping with the resorts Sustainability goals, the new bars décor has been devised with the skilled tradesmen on the island upcycling furniture and using items from nature found on the lush natural island such as tree stumps for side tables and beautiful orchids grown on the resort itself.

Veli Bar is located nearby to the resorts Subterranean Wine Cellar, still the deepest found in the Maldives. This allows discerning visitors to sample labels from the extensive selection, or even wander over to choose their own bottle.

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