Jason Lohman, Founder & Managing Director of Bespoke Marketing Global Pte Ltd


Bespoke Marketing Global Pte Ltd specialises in audio branding and was established in 2007 by Founder & Managing Director Jason Lohman. Specialising in On Hold Messaging (OHM), offering a creative and unique experience to inbound callers. Based in Singapore, the company has offices in the U.K., Spain and U.S.A. Globally, the company has over 12,000 clients across 22 countries including the Maldives. Hotelier Maldives sat down with Jason to find out more about the company and their product line.

Hotelier Maldives: How did your passion for high-end audio branding products change into the idea, which lead to the Bespoke Marketing Global Pte ltd we see today?

Jason Lohman: I have travelled most of my life staying in numerous hotels around the world, working closely with many service led organisations. What I found out was that when you combine these two elements, Travel and Service – the consumer expectations seem to be amplified. Maybe the reason is because they are spending their hard earned money on a holiday or because their employer has treated them to a 5* upgrade. However, for whatever reason, people expect more and it’s simply not delivered. The amount of time I’ve spent on hold from Concierge, Reservations to In-room dining, only to be greeted by a poor connection, offering only hold music or even worse, just a boring call tone is beyond me and this struck me as a clear gap in the market where hoteliers can not only improve their first impressions of someone connecting with their services from their room, but also a glaringly obvious way for hotels to cross sell their on-site amenities!

Hotelier Maldives: Being branded the “Rolex” of the audio branding world, has there been any notable achievements or awards you are particularly fond of?


Jason Lohman: Whilst not an Award in itself our Client retention of 93% speaks volumes for the first class service we provide to our portfolio of over 12,000 plus Clients. Whilst some may see this as high retention, for us this is a basic by-product of our 5* client servicing and a dedication to simplify our product offering and make us the easiest Audio Marketing company they ever need to work with.

Hotelier Maldives: Has there been any new product releases planned for the near future? If so what benefits do the updated specifications hold?

Jason Lohman: At Bespoke, we strive to be one step ahead of an already frantically paced audio technology sector. We are currently working on developing our own Artificial Intelligence system which will reduce the time of providing with their latest productions. This will help reduce the turnaround time from seven working days to just four days. On top of this, we are looking to take advantage of voice recognition and command functions to make On-Hold Audio as bespoke and interactive as possible. All of which helps our Hotelier partners raise their perceived levels of technological advancements to their clients.

Hotelier Maldives: With the rise in competition in the high-end audio market, how do you plan to cement yourself at the top of the game?


Jason Lohman: As with all successful businesses, we wake up every morning thinking ‘how can we break our platform and rebuild it into something faster, more agile, more advanced than it was before’. This internal hunger for constant evolution and more importantly, constantly listening to our key partners allows us to understand their evolving requirements and how we can push the boundaries on what is achievable in both our business and the industry as a whole.

Hotelier Maldives: Has your company undertaken any green initiatives? or will we be seeing any strides for sustenance from Bespoke in the future?

Jason Lohman:  Our global offices follow a strict green policy but one thing we can mention is we have no carbon footprint with our product. Everything is digitalised which provides zero logistics when it comes to the delivery of our products.

Hotelier Maldives: Highlighting Bespoke’s significantly reduced production time, how do you make sure the product quality does not waiver regardless of the customization preference in the product for each client?

Jason Lohman:  As an ever-expanding company, we always strive to find new ways to reduce the wait time for our clients. The two ways which we have achieved this is by both using Artificial Intelligence which is growing at an exponential rate and also by increasing our voiceover artist and production staff. This in return provides us with the advantage of reducing the wait time for the client but keeping the quality of the production at the highest level possible.


Hotelier Maldives: Will we be seeing any new services or have there been any new expansion plans for Bespoke Marketing for the near future?

Jason Lohman:  We are proud to have already grown our global footprint in the past couple of years, however recent developments in the Middle East and South America along with rapid interest and uptake within the Maldives hotelier group, have allowed us to make some aggressive projections for where we will end up in 2020! Watch this space!

Hotelier Maldives: How do you plan to increase clientele in the Maldives? Do you provide any benefits for the new customers?

Jason Lohman:  We are currently offering a multi-site discount to clients in the Maldives and for first time clients we offer a sliding scale discount based on the four production packages that we offer. More details can be found by enquiring through our website or calling our office. Regarding the benefits to all our clients, as we have done from our first year in business they will have a dedicated account manager who will take care of anything the client needs. We also have a 24-hour hotline if any emergencies arise.

Hotelier Maldives: In the eyes of your clients, what separates Bespoke Marketing’s products and services from its rivals in the market?

Jason Lohman: As a company, we pride ourselves on making sure the client really understands that they are paramount to us in every way possible. We implement a 10 point rating system, which provides every client with the assurance of knowing that they are constantly being monitored from a customer care point of view. As I mentioned earlier without the clients we don’t have a business, so for us to be proud of where we stand from a customers perspective, we can only get better with experience and constant dialogue with the client.