Jio’s Innovative Undersea Cable System to Connect Maldives Directly to India and Singapore

Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. (Jio), India’s largest 4G and mobile broadband digital service provider, has signed an agreement with government-owned Ocean Connect Maldives (OCM) to introduce the next generation multi-terabit India-Asia-Xpress (IAX) undersea cable system to Hulhumale, Maldives.

This high capacity and high-speed IAX system will connect Hulhumale’ directly with world’s major internet hubs in India and Singapore.

The signing ceremony took place on 21 February 2022 at Crossroads Maldives. The agreement was signed by President of Reliance Jio, Matthew Oomen and the Chairperson of OCM, Riyas Mansoor.

Speaking at the event, Minister of Economic Development, Hon. Uz Fayyaz Ismail said: “This is the first stride towards enhancing our connectivity infrastructure and opening vast opportunities for our people through providing secure, affordable and high-quality services. We also aim to diversify our economy and establish ourselves as a key communications hub in South Asia. Aside from economic development, this will accelerate social development through high-speed internet access throughout the Maldives allowing us to attain the equitable development we seek.”

Minister Fayyaz Ismail speaking at the ceremony

Mathew Oommen, President, Reliance Jio said: “Today’s global economy is driven by low-latency broadband, connecting people, businesses, content, and services. IAX will not only connect Maldives to the world’s content hubs, but it will also support the explosive growth in data demand expected from the new initiatives being launched by the government of Maldives.” He added that Jio is delighted to be working with the Maldives government to help realize this ambition by providing high-quality, terabit capacity supporting Web 3.0-capable internet services.

The IAX system originates in Mumbai in the west and connects directly to Singapore, with branches including additional landings in India, Malaysia, and Thailand. The IndiaEurope-Xpress (IEX) system connects Mumbai to Milan, landing in Savona, Italy, and includes additional landings in the Middle East, North Africa, and the Mediterranean. IAX is expected to be ready for service end-2023, while IEX will be ready for service in mid-2024.

These high capacity and high-speed systems will provide more than 200Tb/s of capacity at speeds of 100Gb/s, over 16,000 kilometres. Employing open system technology and the latest wavelength switched RoADM/branching units ensures rapid upgrade deployment and the ultimate flexibility to add/drop waves across multiple locations. IEX and IAX together will be one of the most important developments in telecommunications infrastructure in this decade, linking India, Europe to Southeast Asia, and now the Maldives.

Featured Image: Mr. Riyaz Mansoor, Chairperson of Ocean Connect Maldives (OCM), and Mr. Mathew Oommen, President & Board Director of Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd

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