Lily International FHAM

Lily International Empowers Local Chefs as the Principal Sponsor of FHAM

Lily International has been a key sponsor of culinary exhibitions in the Maldives since their foundation, becoming principal sponsor for FHAM at its inception. Initially, the sponsorship was commercially driven, but with time, the sponsorship continued with the desire to empower Maldives’ rising chefs with opportunities to showcase and develop their talents. Food and Hospitality Asia Maldives (FHAM) is a platform to challenge chefs to compete at a global level and acknowledge rising talent with accolades.

As a F&B distribution company, Lily International feels a responsibility to support local and international events that bring together culinary talents to showcase their unique skills. The company is committed to fostering a culture of innovation and excellence in the culinary industry.

Lily International continues the endorsement with a single condition, to continually improve the quality of the competitions to challenge chefs further. The rigorous development of the competition over the years attracts participants from outside the region. The evolution of the competition from an international to a global competition challenges chefs to compete at a higher caliber. It also provides an opportunity to exchange knowledge, skills and techniques with chefs from all around the world.

Lily International’s commitment to developing local chefs goes beyond sponsoring culinary exhibitions and competitions. The company also sends winning chefs abroad to develop their talents further. Lily International recognizes that the Maldives hospitality industry is sustained by the talents of local chefs.

Lily International was built as a purpose driven company to cater to the needs of the Maldives’ burgeoning hospitality industry. In 2000, Lily International was incorporated as a separate division to supply premium products to resorts. Lily International initially launched big horeca focused brands like Nestle, Fontera, and premium water brands like Evian and San Pellegrino that were not yet in the Maldives Market. Lily International is now one of the largest suppliers for Maldives resorts, with a portfolio of carefully selected quality products. The company’s tagline, “Feeding the Nation Responsibly” is a testament to Lily International’s commitment to importing brands that prioritize natural and safe ingredients.