Maldives Showcases Sustainability Efforts and Brand Strength at ITB Berlin 2024 Media Meet

Visit Maldives successfully concluded their annual Maldives Media Meet at ITB Berlin 2024. Held on March 5th at the Hybrid Studio in Hall 5.3, the event aligned with the theme “Pioneer the Transition in Travel and Tourism” by highlighting the Maldives’ commitment to sustainable practices and strengthening its position as a responsible travel destination.

Industry Leaders Gather to Discuss the Future of Maldives Tourism

The press conference, led by MMPRC CEO & MD Ms. Fathmath Thaufeeq, brought together industry leaders including government officials, tourism stakeholders, and media representatives. The discussions focused on various key topics:

  • Preserving the Legacy and Embracing Sustainability: MMPRC Chairperson, Ms. Ayesha Nurain Janah, emphasized the importance of safeguarding the Maldives’ iconic brand while embracing responsible tourism practices for future generations.
  • Government Initiatives and Diversification: Ms. Thaufeeq reiterated the government’s dedication to responsible tourism development and diversification. She highlighted initiatives aimed at promoting new tourism segments and catering to diverse traveler preferences.
  • Eco-Tourism Framework: Maldives Minister of Tourism, Mr. Ibrahim Faisal, unveiled the recently launched groundbreaking eco-tourism framework, showcasing their commitment to sustainability.
  • Vision for a Unified Industry: President’s Advisor on Tourism Development, Mr. Mohamed Khaleel, outlined the government’s plan to diversify the tourism sector by building direct flight connections to northern and central regions. Additionally, he emphasized the goal to bridge the gap between the “one-island-one-resort” concept and the local island sector.
  • Maldives Tourism Industry Outlook: Ms. Visha Mahir, Executive Board Member of the Maldives Association of Tourism Industry (MATI), presented the Maldives Tourism Industry Outlook. She highlighted the country’s transformation from its humble beginnings to offering diverse experiences for various traveler types.
  • Local Community Tourism: Mr. Abdul Sameeu Imad, Vice President of the National Hotels & Guesthouse Association of Maldives, showcased the “Communities, Cultures, and Connections” program, highlighting the unique experiences offered by local communities in 200 enchanting local islands.


Positive Feedback and Continued Collaboration

The press conference concluded with a Q&A session where attendees, including Mr. Eike Knall from The Radio Group, expressed appreciation for the informative session and the positive outlook on Maldives’ tourism development plans.

The annual Maldives Media Meet serves as a platform to connect with key media figures and showcase the latest developments in the Maldivian tourism industry, solidifying its position as a world-leading destination for conscious travelers seeking unique experiences.

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