Milaidhoo Maldives in the mood for ‘mood dining’

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Milaidhoo Maldives has introduced a new way to dine by making connections between what you eat and how food affects your body chemistry with the introduction of five different mood dining menus; the Deep Sleep, Getting into the Milaidhoo Mood, Sunrise Awakening, Curious Adventures and Sunset Chill.

Each ‘mood’ consists of a curated menu, offered at a specific location on the island, which has been designed to change a person’s mood, said Milaidhoo Maldives in a statement. Some of these dining offerings are paired with spa treatments, special baths and meditation to enhance the experience.

The theory behind mood dining comes from the idea that certain foods can affect body chemistry and therefore alter a person’s mood; for instance, creating a burst of energy, uplifting emotions or causing drowsiness and the desire to sleep. The locations of the meal is also a factor that shapes the mood, and Milaidhoo accounts for this options of dining on deserted islands, sandbanks in the middle of the ocean, on a beach or simply on the private deck of the guest’s own villa, it added.

According to the resort, unsurprisingly given the high levels of sleep deprivation in the modern world, the most popular mood dining option to date is the “Deep Sleep” mood, which addresses both physical and mental hurdles that prevent a good night’s sleep. It begins with a peaceful spa treatment in the early evening to physically relax the body followed by a light dinner served in the guest’s villa with a menu designed to encourage sleep.

After the dinner, Milaidhoo’s resident yogi leads the guests in a private moonlight meditation session on the deck of their villa to calm and slow the mind. The evening ends with a scented candlelit bath because the drop in body temperature after a bath triggers the body’s need to sleep.

A complete contrast to the deep sleep mood is the ‘Sunrise Awakening’ mood which includes a breakfast menu featuring dishes that are known to be energy boosting for a good start to the day – as well as a bottle of Salmon Billecart Champagne for extra indulgence. The location is either on the private deck of the guest’s villa or on the beach to ensure exposure to the mood-lifting serotonin that the body produces in bright sunlight. This is associated with boosting mood and helping a person feel calm and focused.

The ‘Getting into the Milaidhoo mood’ programme features a menu designed to calm and promote a relaxed mindset; the perfect way to ease into a holiday. Dishes are selected for richness in vitamins, Omega 3 and nutrients to help guests switch off from a fast paced lifestyle and settle into a glorious relaxed, island mode. It begins with a 60-minute spa treatment at the resort’s over-water Serenity Spa followed by the meal which can be enjoyed anywhere on the island that takes the guest’s fancy, read the statement.

Milaidhoo Maldives is a member of The Small Luxury Hotels of the World and is set in Baa Atoll’s beautiful UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. This spectacular, secluded 50-villa island retreat is just a 35-minute seaplane flight from Velana International Airport. All villas have large private freshwater swimming pools and an island host to attend to the guests’ every whim. In addition, the resort features three restaurants and two bars of which the resorts signature restaurant is over water and shaped like three traditional Maldivian Sailing boats.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]