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MNU to establish premier teaching resort

Maldives National University (MNU) aims to establish a teaching resort aspiring to be a premier institution for hospitality education, as revealed by Chancellor Dr. Mahmood Shaugy in an interview with PSM News.

Dr. Shaugy emphasized the scarcity of Maldivians in resort management roles, stressing the necessity to foster more local talents for managerial and higher positions. He highlighted the need for increased educational and training opportunities for Maldivians while advocating for the inclusion of foreign students at the proposed school.

The Chancellor underscored the importance of a top-tier hospitality school for a prominent destination like the Maldives. He expressed optimism about securing investments for the school’s development, foreseeing enhanced economic prospects. Dr. Shaugy envisioned the Maldives as a leader in providing superior higher education and training in the tourism sector, outlining a projected timeline of approximately 10 years to achieve this milestone.

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