Celestial Pool & Spa Maldives

Product Review: Pentair Prowler Robotic Cleaners

Pentair Prowler Robotic Cleaners offer a pristine level of pool cleaning by scrubbing and vacuuming along the pool’s floor with an active brush for deeper cleaning. The prowlers clean thoroughly up to the waterline by easily mounting to the walls. The cleaners filter up to 100 microns. The robotic cleaner cleans efficiently by scanning the […]

Beyond Maldives Top 10 Markets

Beyond Maldives Top 10 Markets: Growth Lies in the 11-20th Largest Source Markets

The Maldives’ top ten source markets are closely monitored, recorded and celebrated. The attention is warranted as these markets accounted for 64.8% of tourist arrivals in the first two months of 2023. However, the focus on the top markets may divert attention from other prominent and growing markets. The greatest potential for the tourism sector’s […]

Shihab Maldives HR

Interview with Mohamed Hussain Shihab, Maldives’ Youngest HR Director

Mohamed Hussain Shihab is the Cluster Director of Human Resources for the InterContinental Maldives Maamunagau Resort and Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives. Shihab is the youngest Maldivian appointed in a Cluster Director of Human Resources role. He held the Director of Human Resources position at InterContinental Maldives for two years before he accepted the opportunity […]

Maldives ADR

Arrivals Numbers Alone Do Not Indicate Health of Maldives Tourism Industry

The tourist arrival figure is not the only indicator to measure the health of the tourism industry. Arrivals are a straightforward metric to obtain and celebrate, but it is not adequate to assess the health of the tourism industry. More important indicators may be overshadowed by the preoccupation of arrival targets. With rapid development of […]

Constructing Paradise – AIMA Construction and Second-generation Resorts in the Maldives

With Additional Writing by Leesha Haneef and Nazaha Nazeem AIMA Construction Pvt. Ltd is one of the most experienced and prolific resort developers in the Maldives. It is a 100% Maldivian owned and family operated business, with an impressive portfolio of resorts and mega construction projects, linked to renowned international brands and hoteliers such as […]

Young Hotelier: Ibrahim Rasheed, Assistant Director of Human Resources, Kandima Maldives

Ibrahim Rasheed (Ebbi) is the Assistant Director of Human Resources at Kandima Maldives, located on the largest island in Dhaalu Atoll, boasting 264 studios and villas. Starting from humble beginnings, Ebbi paved his way to a managerial position before he turned 30. Hotelier Maldives interviewed him for an insightful look at his journey, the path […]

LANALA – Eco-Swimwear Meets Maldivian Beauty

With Additional Writing by Naza Nazeem, Loolua Mohamed and Shahudha Mohamed Built upon Hussen Abdulla and his family’s shared understanding of the dire need for environmentally-friendly products, LANALA is a pioneering swimwear brand founded on a praiseworthy pursuit. The brand’s aim is to create eco-conscious swimwear with recycled materials, and consequently draw attention to the […]

Indian Arrivals

India Reigns as Top Source Market, Maldives Hits One Million Arrivals

With Additional Writing by Shahudha Mohamed and Anshika Singhal 2022 marks 50 years of tourism for the Maldives, the idyllic Indian Ocean tourist destination, often hailed as ‘paradise on earth’. Each year, the isles welcome throngs of visitors from all over the globe, seeking all things ranging from luxurious getaways to action-packed adventures. With tourism […]

Emporia and Gulf Apparels Support Sustainability in its Expansion into Maldives

With sustainability labelled as a critical part of post-pandemic recovery, Emporia and Gulf Apparels have partnered with Lal’s Group to enter the Maldives market with a more sustainable product range. Emporia is one of the most popular customer choices when it comes to bed & bath linen and customisation. Emporia is one of the wings […]

Villa Hakatha – Fueling the Future

Through sheer perseverance and a commitment to excellence, Villa Hakatha Pvt. Ltd (VHPL) has become a powerhouse in the energy sector as well as a prominent leader in the field of construction material suppliers in the country. With a 20-year-old legacy, VHPL is a subsidiary entity of Villa Shipping and Trading Company Pvt. Ltd, that […]

Exclusive: Gordon Andrew Stewart, CEO and MD, MACL

Gordon Andrew Stewart was appointed CEO and MD of Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL), a 100% government limited liability company vested with the mandate to oversee the development and operations of Velana International Airport (VIA). Despite taking the leadership role amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic and arriving in the country soon after the borders opened in […]

Lifebuoy Immunity Boosting Sanitizer for Hygienic Hands

With the outbreak of Covid-19 Global Pandemic, personal hygiene and safety became one of the most essential needs for everyone. When we step outside our home, we tend to touch many common surfaces such as staircase railings, door knobs, motorcycle handles, as well as unavoidable surfaces such as elevator buttons. All these common surfaces are […]