Panel discussion at Hotelier Maldives GM Forum 2023: Leveraging technology for business success

The forthcoming Hotelier Maldives General Managers (GM) Forum 2023, set to convene at Bandos Maldives on October 19, 2023, promises a captivating panel discussion under the theme, “Leveraging Technology for Business Success.” The panel will delve into the ways technology can elevate business performance, enhance customer satisfaction, and secure competitive advantages in the hospitality industry.

Mohamed Shafraz Hafiz, Director of Digital Technology & Marketing at Pulse Hotels & Resorts, has been entrusted with the role of panel moderator. Hafiz will guide the discussion as four accomplished panelists representing diverse segments of the industry share their insights and experiences:

  • Ruchie Sharma: As the Cluster Director of Revenue Management at Anantara Hotels in Thailand, Ruchie Sharma will provide insights into how technology has transformed business operations and service delivery. She will also discuss the benefits and challenges of employing technology in her sector.
  • Rajesh Mehta: With his position as Chief Business Officer at Ooredoo Maldives, Rajesh Mehta will bring his expertise to the panel to detail the ways technology has changed business operations and service delivery. He will also discuss the benefits and challenges of technology utilisation in his sector.
  • Narelle McDougall: Narelle McDougall, General Manager at Amilla Maldives, will contribute her perspective on the changing technological landscape. She will highlight emerging or disruptive technologies that she finds exciting and relevant to her business and the methods for evaluating and selecting technologies to meet specific needs and goals.
  • Abdulla Ghiyas: As the President of the Maldives Association of Travel Agents & Tour Operators (MATATO), Abdulla Ghiyas will provide a unique perspective on technology adoption in the hospitality industry. He will discuss how technology has changed the way the industry operates and delivers services and the benefits and challenges associated with technology utilisation in the travel sector.

The one-hour panel discussion will revolve around several key questions:

  1. How has technology changed the way you operate your business and deliver your services? What are some of the benefits and challenges of using technology in your sector?
  2. What are some of the emerging or disruptive technologies that you are excited about or interested in adopting in your business? How do you evaluate and select the most suitable technologies for your needs and goals?
  3. How do you implement and manage new technologies in your business? What are some of the best practices or lessons learned from your experience?
  4. How do you cope with the digital transformation and disruption in the hospitality industry? What are some of the skills or competencies that you need or seek to adapt to the changing technological landscape?

The panel discussion promises to shed light on the transformative role of technology in the hospitality industry and the strategies for harnessing its potential to drive business success.

The Hotelier Maldives GM Forum 2023, which is the most anticipated event for hoteliers in the Maldives, will be held at Bandos Maldives resort on October 19, 2023. The forum is expected to attract over 100 hoteliers from various resorts and hotels in the Maldives. This year’s forum is sponsored by several leading companies in the hospitality sector, such as Ooredoo Maldives, Fuel Supplies Maldives, Far Horizon, Bestbuy Maldives, Manta Air, Coca-Cola Maldives, Alia Investments, Villa Hakatha, Swimsol, Souvenir Marine, and more.

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