Patina Maldives Anniversary

Patina Maldives marks 3rd anniversary with strong commitment to community spirit

Patina Maldives, a haven of luxury and contemporary lifestyle nestled amidst the pristine beauty of the Fari Islands, recently hosted two remarkable events that showcased its unwavering dedication to community engagement and the celebration of milestones. These events not only exemplified the resort’s commitment to positive energy and perceptive  service but also underscored its profound connection with the local community and its dedication to fostering new connections.

On May 10th, in honor of Maldives Children’s Day, Patina Maldives warmly welcomed young students from Care Society, a distinguished  local children’s NGO, for a day filled with boundless creativity and joy on  the island. Nineteen children, ranging from ages 4 to 16, were greeted  with warm smiles and open hearts as they embarked on a journey of
exploration and inspiration.

Resort Manager Guillaume Verdier delivered a heartfelt welcome speech,  emphasizing the transformative power of creativity and the importance of  nurturing young minds.

“At Patina Maldives, we believe in the power of creativity and community. We  are pleased to have celebrated Maldives Children’s Day and to have hosted  these incredible young talents from Care Society. It has been a truly rewarding  experience for us and has confirmed our commitment to supporting the next  generation and helping them explore their potential in a nurturing environment,”

Throughout the day, the children participated in a diverse array of workshops,  including a captivating coral ceramics session led by the resort’s resident marine  biologist, as well as painting, leaf art, origami, and bracelet-making activities at  the resort’s Fari Art Atelier. These immersive experiences not only fostered artistic  expression but also instilled a profound appreciation for ocean conservation.

The festivities culminated in a heartwarming exchange of surprise gifts, leaving  the children with cherished memories and a sense of accomplishment that will  resonate for years to come.

While celebrating these momentous occasions, Patina Maldives also hosted  an enchanting cocktail party at the iconic Beach House. Guests were invited to  immerse themselves in the Patina spirit, indulging in the rhythmic beats of DJ, a talented female local DJ renowned for her eclectic blend of lo-fi and  hip-hop music. The evening was further elevated by an exquisite wine tasting  experience featuring selections from Château Minuty, a venerable wine estate  with an 85-year legacy of excellence. Additionally, the cocktail celebration served  as a platform to showcase the resort’s journey to new life habits, with a series of  posters unveiling the transformation, reflecting Patina Maldives’ dedication to

As Patina Maldives continues to resonate with the rhythm of its guests, providing  seamless transitions between growth, rest, connection, and creativity, its  unwavering commitment to excellence remains a beacon of inspiration and a  testament to the transformative power of hospitality.


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