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Product Review: Pentair Prowler Robotic Cleaners

Pentair Prowler Robotic Cleaners offer a pristine level of pool cleaning by scrubbing and vacuuming along the pool’s floor with an active brush for deeper cleaning. The prowlers clean thoroughly up to the waterline by easily mounting to the walls. The cleaners filter up to 100 microns. The robotic cleaner cleans efficiently by scanning the […]

Toyo Pump

TOYO PUMPS – Reimagining Pumping Technologies

TOYO is the leading supplier of sand barge pumps for Maldivian resorts. Over 100 resorts in the Maldives use TOYO sand pumps. TOYO offers a complete range of pumps, from small portable single-phase pumps to high volume high-head pumps. Over the years, TOYO has redefined pumping technologies. The pioneering Japanese company TOYO invented sand pumps […]

Vilunü Scent Marketeering

Vilunü Ventures into Scent Marketeering

On January 9, 2023, Vilunü celebrated three years of creating modern bespoke scents inspired by lush Maldivian nature. The local brand’s success is evident as Vilunü recently entered the field of scent marketing. Scent has the powerful ability to inspire feelings of nostalgia and delightful memories. Scent is an underutilized yet valuable sense for the […]

Island Living with Island Bazaar

Island Bazaar, the island lifestyle brand has released a collaborative collection of embroidered tote bags in partnership with a talented local artist Rauha “Rau” Ali, Girl from a Thousand Isles. The collection features intricate designs and vibrant colors that capture the essence of the island living, patterns of Maldivian art, as well as the island’s […]

Kleventi – Affordable Luxury Timepieces and Accessories for All

Established in 2018, founder Ibrahim Zimam wished to provide the Maldivian market with radiant high-quality accessories at an affordable price. Zimam’s concept for Kleventi is innovative as never before has a local brand designed beautiful demi-fine watches and divine fragrances. Kleventi prioritizes craftsmanship, quality and a feeling of luxury in all their products. Kleventi is […]

Iceto by Cidee’s Kitchen – A Premium Frozen Dessert Brand from the Maldives

There is a new icecream in town for you to satisfy your sweet tooth! Cidee’s Kitchen has introduced the first premium gelato crafted in the Maldives, Iceto. Iceto gelato is currently available in their signature flavour of Coconut and Bondi. The rich and creamy Coconut and Bondi Gelato is made with two types of homemade […]

LANALA – Eco-Swimwear Meets Maldivian Beauty

With Additional Writing by Naza Nazeem, Loolua Mohamed and Shahudha Mohamed Built upon Hussen Abdulla and his family’s shared understanding of the dire need for environmentally-friendly products, LANALA is a pioneering swimwear brand founded on a praiseworthy pursuit. The brand’s aim is to create eco-conscious swimwear with recycled materials, and consequently draw attention to the […]

Kitchen Hood and Exhaust Degreasing by Arsen

Cosmopolitan Introduces Arun® Icecreams to the Maldives

Cosmopolitan – a leading food and beverages supplier in Maldives, is adding Ice-cream as a new category into their scrupulously selected list of items. Arun Icecreams is made of milk and cream by the reputed group called Hatsun Agro Product Ltd (HAP) founded in 1970. It’s a well-known Indian brand who first introduced its ice […]

Six Dazzling Home-Grown Jewellery Brands in Maldives

Elevate Your Guest Experiences with Eleanor

Kaishi Fuvahmulah: Wholly Natural Maldivian Coconut Oil

Renowned as the third largest atoll in Maldives and a diver’s nirvana, Fuvahmulah is one of the most popular inhabited islands in the Maldives. This southern island, blessed with lush vegetation; freshwater lakes and a stunning reef, is also home to ambitious and hardworking locals. A noteworthy story is of a family that began a […]