RCNC: The Company Of Choice in the Construction Industry

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Rasheed Carpentry and Construction Private Limited (RCNC) is a construction company in the forefront of the industry in Maldives. The company started as a carpentry service provider, initiated by Mr Abdul Rasheed, in the 1950s. The company’s Managing Director Mr Ibrahim Rasheed joined the business and together they further expanded the business in the late 1970s. The company initially known as Rasheed Carpentry later renamed itself, as they are known now, when construction work became a larger part of what they did.

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RCNC is built on a family heritage that spans more than 40 years, the current management continues to work under the guidance of firmly held values of the founders. The company strives to strengthen its reputation for providing reliable and high quality service in the construction industry. To uphold their vision and to remain as the company of choice in the industry, RCNC sets high standards and thrives to achieve their goals by working with honesty, and uncompromised integrity.

RCNC’s core business is construction work, though carpentry was where it started out from. As a visionary organisation that understood how much construction work would be in demand in Maldives, the company’s primary focus was to deliver quality on time, which was the foundation the company has worked upon. From residential construction to industrial work, RCNC is an expert in all fields when it comes to construction.

Some of the other services RCNC provides are fabrication of aluminium doors and other products, build-ware and apartments. As the demand for aluminium products rose, the company started to cater to that particular market. Similarly, the RCNC build-ware outlet began to operate as it complemented their core business, construction. The company had started to import a variety of products they needed for their construction projects to benefit from lower costs. Along the way, the company decided to open an outlet to sell the same build-ware products, at more affordable prices to the local community as well.

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Over the last forty years, the company has served its clients diligently with honest, hard work. Managing Director Mr Abdul Rasheed states that this is the reason for their success. “We work honestly and do our best to provide our customers with the best. Quality on time over several long decades has earned us customer loyalty as well.” Mr Mohamed Visham, General Manager of the company further added, “Moreover, we take care of our employees. We understand that happy staff are the foundation for a successful company, so we always try to achieve that.” And they have, for their employees are always paid on time and employee complaints are almost non-existent.

RCNC is one of the fore-runners in the construction industry, and therefore have visionary future plans. “Currently, we are working mostly in real-estate and we would like to expand even further in the future. We have the capability to build resorts as well, though we haven’t yet done so. We hope to achieve that as well, soon. Most importantly, we hope to remain the company of choice when it comes to construction, in Maldives and the surrounding region too,” says Mr Ibrahim Rasheed.

“We will do our best to uphold the trust and faith you keep in our company, and will always deliver our best work to you,” says Ibrahim Rasheed, regarding the company to the public and their customers.


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