Rewinding through a successful quarter century; recalling on a journey of pioneering environmental and social initiatives, Soneva announces exciting new launches ahead of this year.

With the opening of Soneva Fushi in 1995, the first ‘castaway’ resort in the Maldives, it founded a trend for back-to-nature luxury holidays. Along with breathtaking ‘remote but accessible’ natural locations, effortlessly chic accommodation, incredible food and memorable activities, Soneva had an inspiring ethos of sustainability. And as the brand marks its 25th Anniversary, Soneva continues as a pioneer of environmental and social initiatives.

Sonu Shivdasani, Founder of Soneva

After over five years of opening the Glass Studio at Soneva Fushi, the resort still saw discarded plastics washing up with the tide. Hence, this summer, Soneva is set to open its new plastics studio, which will give this waste a new life as useful or decorative objects, while a small foundry next door will transform aluminium waste, such as bottle tops or cans.

At Soneva, learning has always been a key part of their thought-provoking signature experiences, which aim to inspire, enrich and inform. This year also sees the opening of the new SCIE:NCE, short for Sustainability and Conservation of Island Ecosystems:Nurturing Collaborative Endeavours. It makes history as the first facility of its kind in the Maldives. SCIE:NCE is overseen by Dr. Bart Knols, the entomologist who helped find a sustainable, pesticide-free solution to eliminate over 98% of the mosquito population at Soneva Fushi last year. Focusing on areas including marine and terrestrial biology, astronomy, sustainability and conservation, the facility will become a hub of regional research, education and innovation.

Soneva has also recently launched Soneva Academy, enabling young guests over the age of 12 to learn while staying at the resorts. These certified courses take learners from junior to expert, and cover a range of fascinating subjects including marine biology, the night skies, insects and nature and ancient navigation techniques.

Further, to allow its valued guests to join on this exciting celebration, Soneva has released the latest issue of the SLOWLIFE Magazine. It reflects on Soneva’s storied past and plans for the future, with fascinating features on sustainability, nature, art and design, gastronomy and more.