T & D and the march of the “green” technologies

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A team that knows how to communicate, to create and to produce; this is what every management of every industrial company dreams of in order to increase its competitiveness in the market.

To realize this dream, Ing. A. Talamali, manager of T&D Water Technologies and Development decided to leave the old hierarchical systems. T&D’s team deals with solutions related to water treatment, renewable energies, advanced eco-friendly technologies for conditioning, hot water recovery and other complementary sectors, and now, the company is trying to enter in to the unknown field of management strategies.

“It deals with a real change,” Talamali says, “in which we not only need workers that perform and heads that make them perform, but a team.”

From the year 2000, the T&D has decided to make this change to raise its productivity and its ability to compete in the market. “Now what we have is a team of elevated technicians that makes preparations, that designs, plans, and realizes products and plants for different sectors, choosing with care every component, and using only the best quality raw materials,” Talamali says.

T&D plans, furnishes, and produces equipment and assistance for countries all over the world. Thanks to the long-term experience of its managerial staff combined with the team’s intelligence and knowledge of science, the company has grown fast.

T&D offers itself as a reliable and experienced partner for industrial firms, communities, chains of hotels and tourist villages at the international level, with the aim of finding economic and sustainable solutions, and consequently becoming the global ambassador for the high quality Italian technology.

The furnished equipment and the projects realized all over the world are perfect examples of how the most advanced technology can coexist in harmony with the environment as well as local laws.

For several years and in various parts of the world, T&D has been realizing totally “green” projects that are respectful to the environment. These include both water treatments and renewable energies that use hybrid systems of various typologies of energies along with totally off-grid systems.

The main advantages offered by the services of Talamali’s company are the reduction of the environmental impact, the low consumption of fuel, the flexibility of design, the low costs of maintenance and “an elevated technology, thanks to the training and assistance from us.”

T&D and its team have from more than 20 years ago, arrived at the heart of this paradise called Maldives and its population, and has been introducing to the tourist resorts more and more advanced technologies that take care of the environment as well as the people who live in them.

Do not hesitate to contact T&D for integrated solutions that can be compatible with the environment and your needs as well at:
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