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Expansion of Fuvahmulah Airport aimed at jet accommodation

Fuvahmulah Airport is set to undergo development to cater to private jets, with plans to expand the runway and apron for jet parking spaces, according to the Regional Airports Company (RAC). The airport operator presented its development masterplan to the Fuvahmulah City Council during discussions on Thursday. RAC outlined the key points of the plan: […]

$42.4m contract awarded to reclaim land for 3 regional airports

Capital Marine and Civil Construction Company (CMCCC), a leading Sri Lankan construction company, has secured a lucrative project to reclaim land for airport development in three islands. The agreement, valued at USD 42.4 million, was officially signed on Wednesday between CMCCC’s Managing Director, Sevaraja Manivannan, and Fathimath Shana Farooq, the Director General of the Planning […]

TripAdvisor launches dedicated airport page

TripAdvisor has announced the launch of their new segment, the dedicated airport page, which helps travellers get to where they want to go more quickly and hassle-free.