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COMO Maalifushi, COMO Cocoa Island to host Earth, space camp adventures

This summer, COMO Hotels and Resorts’ two Maldives properties are offering a unique and exciting line-up of activities designed to inspire and educate all ages. From an exhilarating Space Camp with astronaut-led adventures, to an immersive Earth Camp exploring the natural wonders at COMO Maalifushi, and the exploring the captivating universe under the ocean at […]

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Mohamed Sobah: Orchestrating excellence at COMO Maalifushi

In the kaleidoscope of the Maldives’ hospitality panorama, Mohamed Sobah shines as a leader with passion and dedication. As the General Manager of COMO Maalifushi, he embodies the ethos of excellence and service that defines this luxurious retreat in Thaa Atoll. Sobah’s journey from a young aspirant to a seasoned leader is a testament to […]