Maldives 5MTP

How can the Maldives Tourism Industry Achieve the 5TMP’s target of $6 billion in tourism receipts by 2027?

The recently released 5th Tourism Master Plan (5TMP) called upon all industry stakeholders to collaborate to reach a target of USD 6 billion a year in international tourism receipts by 2027. Tourism receipts are the expenditures by international inbound tourists in Maldives. The target was determined through consultation with industry stakeholders, the Ministry of Finance, […]

10 Effective Cost-Saving Strategies for Hotels

Inflation, labour issues, and rising cost to meet the needs of an increasingly tech-savvy and sophisticated guest journey. Is there anything more pressing on the minds of hoteliers, preventing them from having sleepless nights thinking about how to bring down their hotel`s cost and keep their business afloat? With an ever-increasing amount of cost-associated challenges […]