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Govt initiates programme to boost women’s participation in tourism employment

The government launched the Women for Tourism programme on Thursday, a part of its initial 100-day commitments aimed at boosting female participation in the tourism sector. The inauguration ceremony took place at Meeruma Hotel in Male, with Economic Minister Mohamed Saeed leading the event. The programme’s primary objective is to offer targeted training for women […]

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Maldives shifts focus to completing undeveloped resorts over new leases

Tourism Minister Ibrahim Faisal has declared a shift in the government’s approach, focusing on developing existing undeveloped resorts over leasing additional islands for construction. In an interview with local newspaper Mihaaru, Faisal discussed ongoing discussions on challenges with 63 undeveloped islands, and said the government is open to considering proposals from capable companies interested in […]

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New regulation introduces lower fees for foreign tourist vessels

A revised regulation altering fees imposed on foreign tourist vessels has been introduced, impacting the costs for yachts, cruise liners, and safari vessels visiting Maldives. Gazetted by the Ministry of Tourism on Tuesday, this new regulation replaces a previous September regulation that escalated fees for foreign yachts, cruise liners, and safari vessels. Under the updated […]

Ibrahim Faisal appointed new tourism minister

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu, who took the oath of office on Friday, has appointed Ibrahim Faisal as the new Minister of Tourism. Faisal took the oath of office at a ceremony held at the President’s Office Friday evening for the swearing-in of the new president’s cabinet. Faisal received his higher education from Westminster International College, […]

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MVR 4b in resort lease rent penalties waived

A 2020 amendment to resort development regulations has resulted in the waiving of approximately MVR 4 billion in fines for non-payment of rent after the construction period’s expiration on leased islands designated for resort development. The amendment, which took effect in December 2020, reduced the penalty for non-payment of rent from 0.5% to 0.0493% for […]

Permit fee for foreign cruise ships raised to $1,000

The Ministry of Tourism has announced an increase in the cruise permit fee for large foreign tourist vessels, which has been raised to USD 1,000 from the previous charge of USD 324. According to the latest amendment to the Regulation Governing Foreign Tourist Vessels Cruising and Harbouring in Maldivian Waters, foreign tourist vessels are now […]

Govt proposes Real Estate Tax to replace TGST on long-term resort villa rentals

The government has introduced an amendment to replace the Tourism Goods and Services Tax (TGST) with a real estate tax on long-term rentals of villas or rooms in Maldives resorts. The proposed tax change, outlined in an amendment to the Tourism Act, underwent its first reading in parliament on Wednesday. Under the amendment, a tourism […]

Tourism ministry introduces regulations for long-term resort villa rentals

The Ministry of Tourism in the Maldives has unveiled a set of new regulations aimed at governing long-term villa rentals within resorts. The “Regulation on Long-Term Rental of Villas or Rooms on Strata Basis” officially took effect on Tuesday. Per these guidelines, any villa within a resort or integrated resort must be registered with the […]

Th. Ruhthibirah island up for bidding for resort development

On Sunday, the Maldivian Ministry of Tourism officially commenced the bidding process for the development and operation of a resort on Ruhthibirah Island, located in Thaa Atoll. Key details about the bid: The island spans 8.41 hectares in size, providing ample space for the development of tourist facilities The ministry has proposed a minimum requirement […]

Hotel Asia Exhibition & International culinary Challenge

The 12th Hotel Asia Exhibition & International Culinary Challenge kicks off at Dharubaaruge

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The 12th edition of Hotel Asia Exhibition & International Culinary Challenge has officially opened this morning with an inauguration ceremony held at Hiriyaa Maalam, Dharubaaruge’. The three-day event taking place at Dharubaaruge’, Male’, is organised by the Maldives Exhibition and Conference Services (MECS) together with the event’s long-standing partner and main sponsor Bestbuy Maldives Pvt […]

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Organisers gear up for 12th edition of Hotel Asia Exhibition & International Culinary Challenge

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The 12th edition of the annual Hotel Asia Exhibition and International Culinary Challenge will be held from 5 to 7 September. This year’s event is once again supported by the Ministry of Tourism of Maldives along with the Sri Lanka – Maldives Bilateral Business Council and the National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka. This […]

An analysis of demand and supply in the Maldives

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Visitor arrivals and major indicators Maldives has been maintaining its position as one of the most attractive holiday destinations in 2016 with an average arrival growth rate of 1.7% for inbound international tourists in the first half of the year 2016. The year began with a strong performance with a growth rate of 11.7% on […]