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New regulation introduces lower fees for foreign tourist vessels

A revised regulation altering fees imposed on foreign tourist vessels has been introduced, impacting the costs for yachts, cruise liners, and safari vessels visiting Maldives. Gazetted by the Ministry of Tourism on Tuesday, this new regulation replaces a previous September regulation that escalated fees for foreign yachts, cruise liners, and safari vessels. Under the updated […]

Permit fee for foreign cruise ships raised to $1,000

The Ministry of Tourism has announced an increase in the cruise permit fee for large foreign tourist vessels, which has been raised to USD 1,000 from the previous charge of USD 324. According to the latest amendment to the Regulation Governing Foreign Tourist Vessels Cruising and Harbouring in Maldivian Waters, foreign tourist vessels are now […]

Tourism ministry introduces regulations for long-term resort villa rentals

The Ministry of Tourism in the Maldives has unveiled a set of new regulations aimed at governing long-term villa rentals within resorts. The “Regulation on Long-Term Rental of Villas or Rooms on Strata Basis” officially took effect on Tuesday. Per these guidelines, any villa within a resort or integrated resort must be registered with the […]