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New regulation introduces lower fees for foreign tourist vessels

A revised regulation altering fees imposed on foreign tourist vessels has been introduced, impacting the costs for yachts, cruise liners, and safari vessels visiting Maldives.

Gazetted by the Ministry of Tourism on Tuesday, this new regulation replaces a previous September regulation that escalated fees for foreign yachts, cruise liners, and safari vessels.

Under the updated regulations, passenger liners docking or operating in Maldivian territory for less than seven days will be exempt from the daily USD 100 fee. These passenger liners are defined as foreign tourist vessels carrying more than 50 tourists within the specified timeframe.

Moreover, these vessels won’t require a charter license for their operations. However, despite the exemption from docking and operating fees, passenger liners staying less than seven days will still incur a daily fee of USD 850.

Tourist vessels need licensing from the Ministry of Tourism, with larger ones, over 20 meters in length, permitted to cruise after paying a USD 1,000 fee. Smaller vessels, however, can operate without any fee.

The hike in fees for foreign tourist vessels had resulted in a decline in their arrivals to Maldives. Consequently, the previous government’s regulation has been revoked, replaced by the newly issued regulation aiming to alter these fees.

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