Tourism Updates from the Maldives – December 2021

Maldives surpassed its annual tourist arrival target of 1.3 million arrivals in December 2021. There were twenty-three international scheduled airlines and five chartered airline operating to the country. Over 81 per cent of registered tourist accommodation facilities have resumed operations.

A total of 164,279 tourists visited during December, totalling last year’s arrivals to 1,321,932 tourists. This is a 22.4 per cent decrease compared to 2019. Top markets in 2021 were India with 291,787 arrivals (22.1 per cent market share), followed by Russia with 222,422 arrivals (16.8 per cent market share) and Germany with 95,358 arrivals (7.2 per cent market share). United Kingdom and USA take fourth and fifth place respectively with 62,777 arrivals (4.7 per cent market share) and 55,760 arrivals (4.2 per cent market share).

Tourist Arrivals 2021 | Ministry of Tourism

The latest updates by Ministry of Tourism reveal that there were twenty-three scheduled airlines and five chartered airlines operating to the Maldives. Ten scheduled airlines and three chartered airlines operate from Europe, while six scheduled airlines fly from Middle East, four scheduled and one chartered airline from India; and three scheduled and two chartered airlines from other parts of the world.

There are 926 tourist facilities operational from a total of 1141 registered facilities. This includes 161 resorts (38,226 beds), ten hotels (1360 beds), 613 guesthouses (10,716 beds) and 145 safaris (2,858 beds). The country is set to open another twelve resorts (1572 rooms) in 2022.