Tourism Updates from the Maldives – November 2021

Maldives saw a record-breaking 4.9 per cent increase in tourist arrivals in November 2021 compared to pre-covid levels in 2019. There were twenty-three international scheduled airlines and five chartered airline operating to the country. Over 80 per cent of total registered tourist accommodation facilities have resumed operations.

During November 2021, Maldives welcomed 144,725 arrivals, totalling this year’s total arrivals to 1,157,653. Arrivals in November 2021 is a 4.9 per cent increase compared to November 2019. India remains the top source market with 259,760 arrivals and 22.4 per cent market share, followed by Russia with 204,813 arrivals and 17.7 per cent market share. In third and fourth place is Germany with 83,518 arrivals (7.2 per cent market share) and USA with 48,645 arrivals (4.2 per cent market share). As expected, arrivals from United Kingdom show significant increase, with 15,117 arrivals during November itself, making UK the top fifth market of 2021 with 4 per cent market share and a total 45,739 arrivals.

According to latest updates by Ministry of Tourism, there were twenty-eight international airlines operating to the Maldives in November, from which twenty-three are scheduled and five are chartered. Ten scheduled airlines and three chartered airlines operate from Europe; six scheduled airlines from Middle East; four scheduled airlines and one chartered airline from India and three scheduled airlines and one chartered airline operate from other parts of the world.

At the end of November 2021, 911 tourist accommodation facilities (52,042 beds) were operational, from which 160 are resorts, ten are hotels, 597 are guesthouses and 144 are safaris. With total registered facilities at 1121, over 80 per cent of tourist facilities have resumed operations. The highest number of beds are in Kaafu Atoll with 12,710 beds in 52 resorts, 750 beds in five hotels and 5,478 beds in 232 guesthouses.