Travel and Hospitality Solutions

Memorable experiences for every guest, every time

The more well-travelled a person is, the more expectations arise for their chosen place, whether it is for business or pleasure. Dealing with the disappointments of expectations not met are more sabotaging and time-consuming than taking necessary steps to counter any problem that may surface. At SGS Travel and Hospitality Solutions, establishing rewarding connections with their partners without compromising the safety, sustainability or service is the everyday norm. 

Reaching a large network of hospitality professionals around the world, SGS triumphs as the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. A central focus on developing extensive, complete solutions for authenticating and reinforcing an in-depth hospitality experience is the game plan for SGS. Now SGS services are available in the Maldives, to cater to the dynamic tourism industry of the country. Whether the service seeker is a direct provider or third-party reseller, partnering with SGS will help to establish better connections with the different kind of travellers around the world. 

The primary concern for present day travelers surfaces around maintaining safety and hygiene of the food consumed by the guests in the facility. If the food gets contaminated either during storage, preparation or delivery, it is directly the responsibility of the organisation; as it might cause severe harm to guests its is intended for. ISO 22000 is a food safety management system that sets the organisation’s standards in the processes and procedures for safe food delivery. 

SGS is the world’s leading certification body in providing accredited ISO 22000:2005 certification and HACCP. Their ISO 22000:2005 certification is accredited by The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UK.AS). The food and water testing services by SGS contributes a significant value to the hotels food safety assurance programs.  SGS has gained an unbreakable level of trust amongst networks functioning worldwide. Their laboratories are ISO 17025:2017 accredited and approved by various government institutions that are able to do a wide scope of necessary tests that will evaluate how healthy or safe the place is. Additionally, SGS Academy delivers training to individuals and organisations. These trainings are accredited from various auditor trainings, to HACCP and implementation of food hygiene training.  

For a thriving hospitality business, the safety aspect is the top tier priority. Any issues that the traveller might have with the management in terms of confidential customer information, food, water, or air intoxication, in addition to structural security and safety can taper with the organisation’s good reputation. The SGS Hospitality Excellence Programme has been structured to ward off such negative implications the traveller might have on safety standards.

Travelling consciously has become relevant for travellers at present, with eco-friendly choices outweighing those with the lack of it. When travellers choose their preferred destination, they perceive brand values in terms of their sustainability initiatives. Not only travellers but the stakeholders too. Environmental concerns with regards to energy consumption, employee welfare, food disposal methods, and involvement with the local communities are perceived to be of importance when choosing to travel. At SGS, the Environment Audit with ISO 14001:2015 accreditation helps travellers to realise the brand’s reputation and commitment towards lessening their carbon footprint. 

However delightful or extravagant the infrastructure of a place is, it cannot go forward without its soft infrastructure, which is the people who serve and their attitude towards you. A gratifying service leaves a traveller with contentment that is more rewarding than the look of the place. For repeaters, the service of the place outnumbers any other reasons for visiting one place several times. SGS helps employees to demonstrate good brand values in every direct or indirect communication with the guest. Additionally, SGS supports to uphold consistency with the brand values by monitoring and standardising service performance to premium quality.   

The security of a place cannot be undermined at any cost. It is about managing potential threats or risks to the businesses, properties or people. Different ventures have different approaches to risk assessment as the risks can vary from the location of the place to sudden environmental risks or current events taking place in the location. SGS solutions provide risk assessment strategies appropriate for the place which can be further divided into a range of functions. ISO 45000:2018 health and safety certification is provided by SGS to enhance these measures. 

SGS performance assessments vary from ISO 2200:2005 certification, HACCP Implementation, Good Spa Practices Audit to Health and Safety Compliance Audit and more. The list is comprehensive and crucial in every aspect to the traveller’s overall experience. With certification permits due to being approved auditors for recognised tour operators, SGS has gained trust amongst networks worldwide. Their laboratories are ISO 17025:2017 accredited and approved by the Ministry of Fisheries and Central Environmental Authority (CEA) allowing to be able to do a wide scope of necessary tests that will evaluate how healthy the place is. Moreover, SGS Academy delivers training to individuals and organisations to inspect the level of their performances against the standards being set. 

Choosing SGS as your go-to place for industry solutions in the Maldives is not without its benefits. Having established a widespread network with independence and integrity as their core values, SGS allows you to grow by remodelling your services and value chain by improving performance, risk management, meeting stakeholder requirements and sanctioning sustainability throughout.