Velaa Private Island triumphs in thrilling finale of Tekkers Resort Cup 2023

The highly anticipated Grand Finale of the Tekkers Resort Cup 2023 unfolded on Sunday, delivering a spectacle of football action as Velaa Private Island Maldives emerged victorious in a dramatic clash against The St. Regis Vommuli Maldives.

The grand occasion brought together enthusiastic supporters and the dedicated staff of both Velaa Private Island and St. Regis, creating an electric atmosphere on the field.

The game saw St. Regis take the lead late in the first half, thanks to an impressive goal by Ibrahim Nasath, wearing jersey number 19. The second half proved to be intensely competitive, with Velaa Maldives determined to level the score. Their persistence paid off when Ibrahim Najah found the net, bringing the sides even. Both teams fiercely vied for a winning goal, but the closely contested match ultimately led to a penalty shootout. Velaa Private Island clinched the championship title after their goalkeeper, Ahmed Shifau, made a crucial save, securing a thrilling victory in the Tekkers Resort Cup.

Ahmed Shafiu, the goalkeeper for Velaa Private Island Maldives, received the Man of the Match award for his outstanding performance, and he was also named the Goalkeeper of the tournament. The referees, Ali Muneer, Abdulla Afeef, and Zaeem Ali, were honored with plaques of appreciation. Shamweel Gasim, the manager of Velaa Private Island, was recognized as the Best Manager of this year’s Tekkers Resort Cup.

Hussain Saif Moosa from Jumeirah Maldives was awarded the title of Best Young Player and Top Scorer, leading his team to the Grand Semi-Finals of the tournament. Ali Razee of Velaa Private Island was recognized as the Best Playmaker, with an impressive 5 assists during the competition. The top five players in this year’s Tekkers Resort Cup included Ahmed Imthinah, Ali Razee, and Ahmed Shifau from Velaa Private Island, as well as Ibrahim Nasath and Mohamed Ali from St. Regis. The prestigious Best Player award was presented to Ahmed Imran, the captain of Velaa Private Island, in honor of his exceptional contributions to the team’s success.

The Tekkers Resort Cup 2023 grand finale will be remembered as an exhilarating showdown that showcased the skill and passion of these talented Maldivian footballers.

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