91 Per Cent of Registered Bed Capacity is Now Operational

According to the latest update by the Ministry of Tourism, about 60 per cent of the registered tourist accommodation facilities are now in operation, which is over 91 per cent of the total registered bed capacity, as majority of the resorts which accounts for the largest bed capacity are now open.

While the Ministry approved to open 27 resorts and hotels on 15th July- the date of border reopening, nine tourist resorts were already in operation throughout the border closure duration. As of 12th August 2021, the Ministry has given approval for opening to 147 resorts which also includes three yacht marinas/tourist resorts, 477 guesthouses, 142 tourist vessels and 10 hotels.

Source: Ministry of Tourism

Looking at the numbers, a total of 156 out of 163 registered tourist resorts are now operational, while, 479 out of 706 guest houses are open, 141 out of 160 tourist vessels are operational and 10 out of 11 hotels are open.

In terms of bed capacity, the destination has a registered capacity of 54,374 beds, among which almost 96 per cent of the registered beds from tourist resorts are now open, while 74 per cent of the registered beds in guesthouses, 93 per cent of the registered beds in vessels, and 89 per cent of the registered beds from hotels are in operation.


Source: Ministry of Tourism

Considering the composition of the operational bed capacity, 74% of the operational bed capacity belongs to tourist resorts, while 17 per cent is shared by guesthouses, 6 per cent is shared by tourist vessels and 3 per cent comes from tourist hotels.

Source: Ministry of Tourism

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